My Master Bedroom Update


Well things are starting to come together in our Master Bedroom…
You may remember from my Home Goals post in January,
that one of the rooms I wanted to tackle this year was our room.
It’s basically been the same since we moved in here, mostly because I just didn’t have a vision for it.
But it became time to make this space ours.  To make it a place of inspiration and tranquility!


After some thought we set out some goals for this room:
1.  Create a feature wall behind our bed.  Check.
2.  Invest in new lamps.  Check.
3.  Invest in new bedding, namely a duvet.  Check.
4.  Keep it tidy and beautiful!  Check.
Here is what our room looks like now!
It’s still a work in progress, but I’m loving the progress so far!



So far I’ve met all 4 goals.  And now I’m finding I have a couple of new ones:
1.  Figure out an accent colour.  I need help with this one!  Any suggestions?
2.  Hang a black shabby chic chandelier.




I love this feature wall! It’s not for everyone, but it works for us!
I grew up amidst birch trees, so this wall really inspires me!
It is busy, which does provide a challenge for accenting this room.
I really have to keep things simple design wise in here, which suits me fine!
If you are interested in the tutorial for this wall, and before pictures of my room,



Finding lamps was a challenge.
I didn’t want anything too elaborate, and I didn’t want any pattern or colour that would clash with the wall.  I soon found that white shades didn’t work because I couldn’t match the white to the white on the wall.  So we went with black because our furniture is black, and I was surprised at how well they work!
I was worried they would be too harsh, but they aren’t.
And I was concerned the black shade would not throw enough light, but that’s not the case!


These lamps were a true find!
I was in our local goodwill scouring the aisles for some hidden gem to spray paint, then these appeared!
There were 2 lamp bases, they were dusty but looked brand new!  Not a scratch on them!
At $8 a piece I grabbed them!
Once I got them home all they needed was a good dusting and some new shades, which we found at Home Depot.
Our lamp repurpose for 2 lamps cost us less than $50.  Score!
I love them!



The bedding was a challenge too.  Possibly the hardest part of putting this room together.
Again, I had to be careful of the colour, and I didn’t want any pattern at all!
So when the hubby went to Las Vegas, I sent him on a mission to pick up this simple white duvet from Target.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I was willing to try it out!
Love, love, love this duvet set!


 Ooops!  Probably should have ironed the duvet.  Who has time or even wants to do that?!  Not me.
Well, so far I love it.  It’s starting to feel like a grown-up room!
It’s about time since we’ve been married for over 12 years!



Soooo, what colour do you think I should accent with?
Is your Master Bedroom done?  Or is it a work in progress?


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  1. A muted turquoise would make a nice accent. Or if you want to stay in the warm palette, maybe an orange/coral? Beautiful duvet!