Keeping a Skincare Diary during my 28-day #DropsofYouthChallenge

Hi friends, welcome to January over here!  January is one of my most favourite months because it feels like a fresh start, doesn’t it?  To me, January is the month of fresh and fabulous…the beginning of a beautiful new year and I’m feeling excited for it!  It’s a great time to get organized and pay attention to our lives and selves, so along with many people, I’m kicking things off with focussing on my health…both mentally and physically.  This means plenty of self care and eating healthy…ok, mostly healthy!

  Self care is a big challenge for me, and one I hope to focus more attention on.  I tend to overlook a lot of things that I should be doing to take care of myself, like drinking enough water, eating enough fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, exercising and taking care of my body and skin. I don’t know about you, but too many times I put myself second, and it’s a bad habit to have.  This is my year of self care.

So when I was asked to participate in the Drops of Youth Challenge with The Body Shop Canada this month, I jumped at the chance to do so.  It’s a 28-day Challenge using their new power duo: The Body Shop DROPS OF YOUTHTM: Youth Concentrate and Youth Cream combination.  Aside from the fact that I have been a long time fan of The Body Shop (I’ve been purchasing many of their products since I was a teenager), the timing of the challenge is perfect because it fits in seamlessly with my self care goals.  Also it’s winter and my skin needs some serious moisture, and did I happen to mention that I just turned 40, so it’s more important than ever for me to take care of my skin!

#NewYearNewYouth #DropsofYouthChallenge #TheBodyShopCanada
A great skincare routine, and tonnes of fresh lemon water for me!

Over the years I have tried many skincare products for my face, some good, some not so good.  I have really sensitive skin, including rosacea, so I’m limited to a small number of products.  Having rosacea means choosing my skin care products carefully because I tend to react to everything, in fact there were years that went by that I never practiced any skin care (no moisturizing, nothing!).  So when I was approached to try out the new DROPS OF YOUTHTM range from The Body Shop I was a bit hesitant, but willing to try, because I need good skin care products for my dry and sensitive face.

#NewYearNewYouth #DropsofYouthChallenge #TheBodyShopCanada

The DROPS OF YOUTHTM Youth Cream and Youth Concentrate are made with 3 plant stem cells: Edelweiss from the Italian Alps which is known for its protective properties, and Sea Holly & Criste Marine from the Brittany Coast which are known for their renewing and restructuring properties.  These elements are infused into the Concentrate and Cream, to help enhance skin renewal and trigger visibly fresh, youthful looking skin.  Sign.  Me.  Up.  😉Drops of Youth Concentrate 30ml

I started this challenge today, and will be recording honest daily diaries of my experience with the products for the next 28 days, and will be sharing these thoughts on my Twitter and Facebook page, as well as Chatelaine.com!  I will also be sharing some skin and health tips along the way!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth
I hope you can follow along on my 28-day skincare Challenge, and get inspired to practice your own routine of self care, because we deserve it.  Here’s to January and looking after ourselves!

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If you want to know more about these or any other great products, make sure to follow The Body Shop Canada on TwitterFacebook or Pinterest!

Have an inspired day!



Disclosure:  I received compensation for participating in this 28-day skincare Challenge, but as always all views expressed are my own.  Thank you to The Body Shop for being a part of my self care routine! 🙂 


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  1. This seems really cool! My mother is always telling me that I need to get serious about my skin care “regime”.

    Right now, there isn’t much of a regime happening… not even a “re”. 😉 Can’t wait to follow along with this!

  2. My mom has always been a fanatic about her skin care and I couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t see the differences that she did. WELL now that has changed and I am kicking myself for not being better in my 20s about it, because HELLO sun spots on my face. I need to start something soon.

  3. Oh I’d love to try this product, I have sensitive skin too, but am really terrible at doing anything const long enough to get results… and who couldn’t use a little extra youth!