How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

Tips and Simple Tricks for How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree!  Watch the quick video below to show you how to make your tree beautiful this holiday season!

Use garlands to fill in bare spots on your tree, to add warmth and texture and to create an overall decor theme to your Christmas tree.  There are so many options for garland…everything from ribbon to popcorn, cranberries, tinsel and even yarn!  This year on one of my Christmas trees I used yarn and I’m loving the look…come see how I put it all together!

How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

Last winter I bought rolls and rolls of this chunky chenille yarn in a cream colour (from Michaels), all in optimistic hope of making a knitted blanket.  But here we are a year later and I haven’t done a thing with them. So in my attempt this holiday season to use what I have and limit my spending, I decided to use this yarn in another way, as a tree garland.  And the great thing is, if I do decide to ever make that blanket I still can!

A Christmas Tree Decorated All in White

I thought this soft yarn would almost look like snow draped along the tree branches…the texture is perfect for it!  Once I had it strung on the tree, I immediately loved how it looked!  Then I dug out all of the white ornaments I could find in my Christmas bins, and decorated the tree entirely in white.  I LOVE the look of this tree!  Soft pretty and so calming.

How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

A Red and White Christmas Tree

But I also wanted to see what this tree would look like with pops of red…I just love the red and white combination at Christmas!  Now I’m not sure which tree I like better, they’re both SO pretty!

How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

And that yarn garland works perfectly with both colour options!

Tips for Stringing Garland on a Christmas Tree

I’m sharing how I string garland on a Christmas tree in the video below, but I wanted to share 5 quick tips to get you started!

  • Put your lights on the tree first!  This is a must.  Do this before any addition of garland or ornaments.
  • Choose your garland, and make sure you have enough to go around!  Garlands can be ribbon, yarn, tinsel, popcorn…anything!
  • Start at the top of the tree and work your way down.
  • Keep about a foot between each strand of garland. You can put it closer together too…the key is to keep the distance equal.
  • When you’re stringing your garland, make sure to keep the garland loose so you can tuck it into the tree.  You don’t want the garland to look tight around the tree.

But remember, you can use any type of garland you like!  Ribbon, orange slice garlands, popcorn garlands, tinsel and even yarn!  Just have fun!

How To String Garland on a Christmas Tree

Watch the Video: How to String Garland on a Christmas Tree

If you would like to see how to string garland around a Christmas tree, watch this quick video I put together!  I also share a fun time lapse of me decorating both tree colour options with ornaments…so fun!

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