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DIY Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges

Make this DIY Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges to celebrate the holiday season!  Made with faux and fresh evergreen sprigs, berries, dried orange slices and pretty plaid ribbon!  Easy and beautiful!

Soooo I’ve done it again…I’ve made another giant evergreen wreath.  I can’t stop.  I have to stop though because seriously where am I going to hang them all?!  But I just really love creating and sharing them with you, all in hopes that you may be inspired to make one for your own home.  They’re so easy to make and add so much cheer to a home for the holidays!  They smell great too…

A woman holding a giant Christmas wreath while out in a snowy forest

The Bigger the Better

Again, I went with a HUGE wreath base because I love the impact they make.  The scale of these large wreaths makes them easy to see from the street, but they’re also great for hanging on a mantel because they’re so big!  You can see what they look like on my mantel here.

A woman holding a giant Christmas wreath

Sometimes less is more!

For this evergreen wreath I used a lot less evergreen sprigs than I usually like to. This one is a lot more simple, but still perfectly gorgeous!

A close up of a fresh evergreen Christmas wreath with pine cones, red berries and dried oranges

Add Dried Orange Slices

I also added more red berries and some dried orange slices.  I’m LOVING orange slices this season, and thought they would look beautiful in a wreath.  The pops of orange stand out beautifully.  If you want to make your own orange slices, check out my blog post here where I’m sharing how to dry them and also give you a cute little tutorial for a tree ornament.

A woman holding a Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges

Don’t Forget the Plaid!

And of course I had to finish things off on my Giant Evergreen Wreath with a big plaid ribbon!  All.  The.  Plaid.

A Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges hanging on a fence post

Stunning. Simple. Beautiful. Festive.

Oranges, berries, greens, plaid, oh my.

A woman walking away into a snowy forest while holding a Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges

Add a perfectly timed snowfall and you have Christmas wreath magic.  Seriously though, this snowfall came at the most perfect time…when I woke up I grabbed my husband and we drove out to the country to capture these pictures. It felt like magic in the middle of this snowfall.

A woman holding a Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges

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The supplies you need to make this Giant Evergreen Wreath:

  • 1 large grapevine wreath base:  I bought the biggest one I could find at Michaels…but still small enough that it will fit on my door.
  • evergreen sprigs: fresh and/or faux evergreen sprigs (or both like I used).  I used sprigs of fir, cedar and pine.
    • 4 large faux evergreen sprigs
    • 2 large faux flocked evergreen sprigs that I cut into pieces to stuff into the wreath
    • 8 or so fresh cedar sprigs
    • 6 or so fresh pine sprigs
    • 10 or so small fresh evergreen sprigs for filling gaps
  • sprigs of berries:  4 sprigs of faux red berries (I just snipped them off to stuff in)
  • pine cones, about 4
  • dried orange slices, about 6
  • ribbon, I used a cloth plaid ribbon
  • green floral wire or twine for securing the evergreen sprigs (if necessary…I don’t use any)

How to Make a Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Oranges:

  1. Hang the grapevine wreath base on a wreath hanger on a door inside.  This to be the easiest way to assemble a wreath, because you can see what you are doing.
  2. Start by inserting 2 large faux evergreen sprigs at the base of the wreath, one on each side for balance, with the stem towards the bottom of the wreath, and the evergreen fanning upward.  Use a little bit of floral wire to secure them if necessary.
  3. Stuff in 2 pieces of the faux flocked stems above the 2 that are already placed.
  4. Then stuff in more pieces of the faux evergreen stems above the faux ones.
  5. Now tuck in the fresh cedar, pine and evergreen sprigs at random, securing with wire as needed. Basically, what I do to one side of the wreath, I do to the other, for balance.
  6. Tuck in the berries, pinecones and dried orange slices, securing with wire as needed.  For the oranges, I tied them on with floral wire.
  7. Step back, have a look and see if both sides mirror each other, and add and adjust as needed.
  8. Wrap the plaid ribbon on the base of the wreath, leaving ribbon trailing down.  I tie the ribbon on like a scarf.
  9. Hang and enjoy!

Watch the Video Tutorial!

I’ve put together a video on how to make these evergreen wreaths.  The wreath in this video is not the wreath in this blog post in particular…it’s for this wreath, but it will give you a really good idea of how to make any giant wreath!


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Have a very Merry day!

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