Gallery Walls Gone Wild?

Ok, so I’ve always had this thing with gallery walls in my home for displaying family photos.
And now I’ve put together a plate wall, but its randomness is kind of stressing me out.
Not to mention, now I’m wondering if I’ve done too many gallery style walls…
…Gallery Walls Gone Wild?
Is it possible to have too many photos on your walls? 
What is the best way to display them?

I have to admit that I do like my plate wall.  I love the splash of bright yellow in my eating nook.
But I wonder where do I stop with this?  
Is it done?  Or do you think I can keep going?
Do you notice my embroidery hoop art?  What do you think about it here with the plates?
Wouldn’t it be fun to change a couple plates or hoops to match the holidays/seasons?!
Here is a better view of how they look in my eating nook…
What do you think about adding more plates and fabric hoops, 
then stretching the gallery to loop up over the door?
Too much?

With rectangular displays, the answer seems a little more obvious.  
This gallery fits nicely on the wall over our couch, as seen below…

Here I can tell the wall is done.
The gallery works here in my living room.

This one I like too.  It fills the space on this wall in our office, as seen below…
(and I promise the pictures are lined up properly, its just the picture that has you leaning a little to the right!)
I think it works here.
This is my kid art wall (from a previous post), that I also struggle with.  It’s too sparse.
But I can fix that with more art that I have accumulated from the years…
…but I’m just not sure about the coloured frames.
And again, its randomness stresses me out.
I’m crazy huh?
I’d love to see your gallery walls!  Link them in the comments section, or on facebook
I need some advice ladies!!

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  1. I think ALL of your galleries are awesome! I love the plates and definitely think you can add more!! Embrace the random!! Changing them out for the holidays sounds awesome too! Your house is so beautiful Jo-Anna! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I like the plate wall, and I love your kids art wall!
    I guess I missed that post, but now I’ve got something to do with all the art that’s piling up!
    The crazy imperfections are what make things beautiful. If they all matched, it would be too anal. Add more! Go crazy! If you love it, you’ll feel great in the space!