Final Thoughts on my 28-day #DropsofYouthChallenge

28 days ago I started a skin care challenge with The Body Shop and Chatelaine, where I tested 2 of The Body Shop’s new skin care products: The Body Shop DROPS OF YOUTHTM: Youth Concentrate and Youth Cream combination.


Drops of Youth Challenge 6

I was very excited to take this challenge because The Body Shop is a name I know and trust, as I have been buying and using so many of their products since I was a teenager!  When I was in high school I was all about their strawberry lotions, soaps and lip balms, and now I see that coming full circle as I see my daughter using the same products!  And now, I’m using their adult skin care line.  Knowing a brand like The Body Shop had me jump on board with their #DropsofYouthChallenge with two feet!

Drops of Youth Challenge 5

So every day during these 28 days, I applied this new skin care duo to my face and shared my thoughts on this online diary here on  Right from day 1, I knew I was going to like these products:  they were light and non-greasy, smelled light and pretty, but the best thing was that my skin did not react in any negative way to them, which is a miracle because my skin is so sensitive.  I have rosacea so a lot of facial products do not work well on my skin and often cause bad reactions, but not these products.  In fact I felt like my skin just soaked up the moisture like I had been starving it for years.  Right away my skin felt protected and soft.  I actually like the serum so much so that I will even apply a little extra after workouts or during the day if my skin feels wind burned, because it feels so soothing.

Drops of Youth Challenge 7

I truly love both the serum and the cream.  In a short period of time my skin felt softer, looked smoother, my rosacea calmed quite a bit, and small lines around my eyes softened.  For this 40 year old, these results are very very satisfying!  And not only that, I liked how committing to this skin care routine, even for a short period of time, inspired me to take better care of my whole self.  I find it’s easy to take better care when you see results…so I dutifully applied the serum and cream, and I also committed to eating better, drinking more water, I signed up for a yoga class and I started running 3 times a week again.  I just really like the feeling that I’m taking care of myself.  I know that I’m young, but not as young as I used to be, so it’s becoming increasingly more important for me to take care of myself.  I’ve got a lot of living to do, and I want to do it in the most positive, active and lovely way possible…with my youthful self forward.  And this means that I have to commit to a good skin care routine, better sleep, better eating and exercise.  I’m inspired.

Drops of Youth Challenge

I also really appreciated that a little went a long way as far as these products go.  I used both the serum and the cream fairly liberally (just enough) and I still have plenty left over.  I like these products so much that I am also now using a few more products in this DROPS OF YOUTHTM line:  the Youth Essence Lotion, the Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, Wonderblur and the Eye Concentrate (which by the way is awesome!).

I really enjoyed this skin care challenge because it led me to a skin care line that my skin actually likes, and for me this is really amazing.  I have such trouble finding products that work for me, so I’m very relieved to have found these, and I look forward to continuing to see my skin improve.

If you want to know more about these or any other great products, make sure to follow The Body Shop on TwitterFacebook or Pinterest!

Thank you so much for following along, and have an inspired day!



Disclosure:  I received compensation for participating in this 28-day skincare Challenge, but as always all views expressed are my own.  Thank you to The Body Shop for being a part of my self care routine! 

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  1. After seeing your first post about this I saw the products in the mall. I was excited to see them in store, and brought my mom with me to try them out. I really liked them and plan on getting my own when I run out of what I am using now!