Tips for making great coffee!

Edited:  Occasionally I will update a post on a product review, after some time and use. These updates are to let you know what I think a year or even years later.  While I have LOVED my Saeco GranBaristo, my machine stopped working after just over 4 years.  This is a pricey machine and should last longer than 4 years!  Sadly, I CANNOT recommend it.

Making a great cup of coffee is easy, but there are some ways to make sure each cup tastes its best!  Here are some tips for making great coffee!

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We’ve been enjoying our new Saeco GranBaristo Espresso Machine so so much.  Ever since we welcomed this machine into our home, our coffee has never tasted better.  It’s like having a coffee shop right at our finger tips…lattes for breakfast, Americanos, steamed milk…dreamy.

Saeco GranBaristo Review

I look forward to my cup of coffee every morning…the flavour and the little creamy layer on the top. Mmmmm.  Just look at those layers of coffee and steamed milk.  Can you tell we’ve been enjoying it?!

Coffee Art

One thing I have learned about coffee over the years is that to have the most flavourful cup, there are some tricks that should be followed!  We love our coffee, so we try to make sure that our daily cup tastes its best!  Here are some tips for the best cup of coffee possible.

Tips for a great cup of coffee:

  • Use good equipment.  Invest in a good coffee maker or espresso machine.  This Saeco GranBaristo is a dream!
  • Use fresh coffee beans.  There is nothing better than coffee made with fresh beans.  When you’re not using the beans, make sure to keep them in an airtight container.
  • Buy good beans.  There is a difference in the taste with beans, there just is.  Find your favourite and enjoy it.
  • If possible, grind your own coffee beans.  Coffee is best made with fresh beans.  As soon as the beans are ground, they lose some of the quality and flavour, so it’s best to grind them right before you use them.
  • Make sure to measure your coffee properly.  Follow your equipments instructions for a good coffee to water ratio.
  • Use fresh, cold water.  And filtered water for best flavour.
  • Keep your coffee machine clean.  Clean coffee makers make the best tasting coffee.  Regularly descale water tanks, clean grinders and compartments.

That’s it!  Now you are just a few easy steps away from a great cup of coffee!

Also before you go, if you missed my Free Printable Coffee Art, you can download it here!

Have a delicious day!


Disclosure:  Saeco generously provided the GranBaristo Espresso Machine for this post (I was not paid to post this review), and as always the ideas, photos and opinions stated here are mine.  We’re still loving our GranBaristo!

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  1. Hi. I’m so jealous. That machine looks amazing!

    I totally agree with the freshly ground beans suggestion. You can’t beat it! I’m sure that you’re in heaven every morning with your beautiful coffee maker.

  2. Just popping over from the link party at ‘Life on Lake Shore Drive’,

    Your coffee machine looks amazing! I would happily get out of bed for a cup of that coffee.
    Sadly most mornings I get out of bed for a cup of instant 🙁
    I only get a proper coffee once I have dropped the boys at school. But I totally agree, fresh beans are the answer. They make everything better. And they are a bean so they class os a vegetable right??? 😉

  3. Jo Anna, I’m super jealous! You have no idea how much I’d love to have this machine. My coffee maker broke a year or so ago so all I have is a little Italian stovetop espresso maker (which I treasure!) but isn’t big enough to make more than 1 shot at a time. Here in Costa Rica, where we pride ourselves on local coffee, I’ve GOT to get something better for when we have friends over. Your machine looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy it!

  4. Those pictures with layers of coffee and steamed milk just made my mouth water! That is my idea of beauty. 🙂 I use a french press to make coffee, and heat the water in an electric kettle. I have discovered my coffee is so much better if I use fresh water in the kettle each time I make a cup of coffee. It seems like a little thing but it really does make a difference!

    Thanks for sharing these tips at the Weekend Wind-Down party! =)