Crazy About Cleaning!

Aren’t they purrrtay?!
Work it!  Work it!

I just went out and re-stocked my cleaners, and when I brought them home and put them on the counter, I saw a photo-op waiting to happen!  I know, I know.  Who cares about pictures of cleaners?  I kinda do.  Since I got my new camera, I see picture opportunities everywhere!

So here’s a little post on my most favourite, and can’t live without cleaners!  I am a major Method fan.  I love the packaging, I love the colours, I loooovvvvve the smells!  You will be cleaning everything you can think of!  And you will want to have them on display because they are so purrrtay!  Hey, maybe you could decorate your mantel with them?  Kidding.
Most importantly though, I love that they are environmentally safe, people safe (you won’t hack up your lungs whilst cleaning), and how they clean.  They actually work.  They are amazing!  Everything from my mirrors, countertops and floors, all sparkle!  And my house smells amazing!  (boy, I really use a lot of exclamation points)
If you haven’t tried them, do.  They are worth the spend.  (I really should collect some kind of fee from them!  I tell everyone I know how great they are!)  

Have a clean weekend!

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  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to method products!
    Because of your blog I purchased the entire line just to see if they actually worked. They are fantastic… I have a house FULL of dark hardwood floors and yesterday I used the floor cleaner. I was waiting for streaks and foot prints from the kids but they never came. I may have a new love of my life 🙂

  2. So where do you buy them from? I love things that smell good. (and work too!)
    Oh and by they way, I love your blog! I just found it yesterday and can’t quit looking around in it.

  3. Thank you for sharing these products! I’ve purchased some of them and they are amazing. They don’t only smell great but their cleaning power is wonderful.

  4. It’s true, they are great cleaners. I started using them since the first time i laid eyes on them in Target. They clean so awesome and leave behind a pleasant scent.