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I love my iPhone.  I love Hipstamatic.  I love Instagram (you can follow me here if you like!).

Why do I love Instagram?  Because you get you see your favourite bloggers, or people more in a real setting.  I know I post stuff on Instagram that I don’t post on the blog (except for today!).
I love seeing what people are up to during the day in their life…it’s fun!

So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been up to over the last month or so…


  1. 1, 2, 3:  I took these photos after a week long stretch of some spectacular hoar frost.  The trees were so amazing…breathtaking.  The day I took these the hoar frost was starting to fall off the trees like a snow fall.  It was gorgeous!  I took some photos with my Nikon too, and if you are interested you can find them in a post here.
  2. I had some fun baking up some New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies for a local blogger bake sale in support of Meals on Wheels.  So fun!  I packaged them up in little cellophane bags and tied them up with bakers twine.  Love.
  3. Mah baby enjoying a snow day.  I love this picture!
  4. Me.  Wearing what you will see me in for over 6 months of the year.  A down coat and touque.  It’s cold here y’all.
  5. My cat.  Who clearly needs to lose some…ah excess.  This is often my view while blogging hahaha
  6. Brunch out with a lovely friend.  This is a snapshot of the ceiling at Over Easy Breakfast…they make a divine Eggs Benny!
  7. We just had to take a picture of our Christmas turkey in its brine, lol!
  8. My little family out skating in -20 degrees C.  This is what we do here for fun in the dead of winter!  Lake skating and hockey!  LOVE!
  9. A book I am reading right now.  And it’s scaring the bahjeeeeezus out of me.
  10. We’re doing some painting and home decorating this winter.  This is a little view of what’s happening in my daughter’s room.  So fun!
  11. Hubby put us on a budget.  Saving for a trip to Maui!  Aloha!!
  12. A little snapshot of a fun project I have on the go…has to do with kitchen organizing!
  13. The view of my kitchen table while the kids are out of school…Jenga and Lego.  Lego, Lego, Lego everywhere!


Thanks for stopping by for a little snapshot into my daily life!

Have an inspired day!

Oh, and if you want to follow me on Instagram you can do so here!  If you are on Instagram, leave a link to your profile in the comments!

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