How To Clean Up Your Netflix Account

Learn how to use Netflix’s great new feature!  How To Clean Up Your Netflix Account with the Thumbs Up/Down Rating System!

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One of my biggest pet peeves about my Netflix account is when my kids and husband use my profile to search for their shows to watch.  If you are a regular user of Netflix, you KNOW how annoying this is.  Immersed in between all my picks are their shows.  It looks something like this:

This is not what I want to see.  The only show I actually watch here is Outlander.  Paw Patrol?  Um no.  Paul Blart Mall Cop?  Definitely no.  No no no no no.  It’s like an invasion of privacy.  Toys and their stuff in my bed.  I don’t want them there…this should be my happy little Netflix space.  What I should be seeing is actually something more like this:

Ahhhh, that’s much better.  So how do we fix this little problem?  Let me tell you!

See that little Thumbs Up image that says Rate?  That there is your friend.

How To Clean Up Your Netflix Account

Netflix has recently launched a new feature that will help you tidy up your Netflix profile!  This new feature is a title rating system that will replace the five-star rating system, with a simpler and more intuitive thumbs-up and thumbs-down feature. This new thumb rating system was specifically designed to make it easier and faster to discover shows and movies that you will love.  When you give a show a thumbs up, this means that you will receive more recommendations similar to what you like.  And opposite, if you give a show a thumbs down, this will keep that show or movie off of your lists.  So easy.

Another cool feature!  The star rating system is also being replaced with a personalized % Match score. This score is a prediction of what Netflix thinks you may enjoy watching, based on your own unique tastes. You will see this % score when you hover over a title (see image above…the % score is in green).

How To Clean Up Your Netflix Account

Here’s how the new thumbs design may come in handy for your family:

  • Your 7 year old gets onto Netflix and onto your profile, then proceeds to watch Paw Patrol, which then turns all of your recommendations into cartoons.  Just no.  To fix this, just give this show a thumbs down, and the cartoons will stay off of your profile.
  • Or, your husband starts binge watching iZombie and now you don’t even know what planet you are watching shows from.  Give the undesirable show a thumbs down, and you’re on your way to a profile that suits you.
  • Best of all, give the shows YOU want to watch a thumbs up, and Netflix will recommend similar titles.

How to use the Netflix Rating System:

  • Go into the shows you like and use the little Thumbs Up image that says Rate.  Thumbs up for YES.  Thumbs down for NO.  It’s as simple as that.  Really.
  • The more you rate, the better your preferences become.
  • Now all you have to do, is keep everyone on their own profiles, and off of yours.  😉

How To Clean Up Your Netflix Account

Now go forth and get your Netflix account cleaned up!

Happy Streaming!


Disclosure:  I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam, but as always all thoughts and opinions here are my own…I LOVE Netflix…it’s an addiction…but a good one!

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    1. I actually don’t like the new thumbs up thumbs down feature. It doesn’t work as well and I’m now getting a ton more programs I’m not interested in filling up my pages. Plus there’s no way to say not interested anymore. So I’ve got 20 titles I in no way want to watch yet Netflix keeps telling me it’s 97% match so its gonna be there no matter what I do. But I’m not seeing more titles I might actually be interested in. I also am not a fan of their new releases suggestions. New releases now seems to mean Netflix content that can be years old, not recently added material. Stanger Things still comes up on every single New Release suggestion as does a whole host of other Netflix shows that aren’t even producing any new seasons IE Hemlock Grove. Seems like the whole platform is turning into one big blog of the same exact 50 titles in different orders.

  1. To be honest, I think the new percentage rating system is poorly designed and inaccurate. I have found that it consistently gives me high percentages to shows I have absolutely no desire to watch and there are a large number of videos without any rating at all. I’m not a fan of the new system and am really disappointed with the changes that Netflix has made.

    Also, your account has the capability of setting up different profiles. So, instead of sharing your profile with your daughter and spouse, you should set up a different profile for them. Then the things they watch would not have any impact on your recommendations. No need to go through the effort to ‘thumbs down’ the things that others in your family watch if they use their own profile.

    1. Hi Bill! Thank you for your e-mail! I think the key to having this new system work well, is to thumbs up as many titles as possible, so you get more accurate titles recommended for you. And I agree, each family member should absolutely have their own profile, as mine do, but sometimes kids find themselves on a profile that isn’t theirs and mistakes happen.