DIY Black Lace Earring Holder

Make this Black Lace Earring Holder in just minutes with a few simple supplies. It’s such a pretty way to display your jewelry. 

A while back you might remember I made this jewelry jungle. And while I do like it, it didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to. I needed something to hold all the earrings that I have, including those with backings on them. Plus, I found that the metal wire was a bit harsh on my earrings, so I also wanted something a little softer. So I made this Black Lace Earring Holder!

Black Lace Earring Holder

I used lace and made an embroidery hoop holder! I have seen these pinned all over Pinterest, and I thought it was such a great idea! Perfect for earrings with backings, and hanging earrings. The fabric is soft and pretty, and won’t damage my jewelry. AND it looks so pretty hanging on my bathroom wall! So simple. So pretty.

Black Lace Earring Holder

What you need:

  • A wooden embroidery hoop in the size of your choice. Use a wooden hoop not plastic…wooden has better grip to hold the lace and you can paint wood much easier. You can find these at most big box craft stores like Michaels.
  • A piece of lace big enough to fit the hoop you chose (it needs to be larger so it can stretch over the sides of the hoop)
  • Spray paint or paint for the hoop

Project Costs:

  • The lace cost me less than $1.
  • I already had the embroidery hoop, but if you were to buy one they are about $2.
  • I used spray paint I already had on hand.
  • So the total cost for me, for this was less than $5. LOVE!
Black Lace Earring Holder

How to put it all together:

  • First I sprayed the embroidery hoop black, because I wanted it to blend in with the fabric.
  • Then I stretched the lace fabric over the hoop, replaced the outside hoop and screwed it tight. And done. That’s it. SO easy!
  • TIP! If you find that the lace won’t stay in place, you can adhere it to the loop with a little glue…glue gun glue works best.
Black Lace Earring Holder

Here’s the view of it hanging on my bathroom wall. A pretty and useful piece of art!

Black Lace Earring Holder

Lace is so sassy and fun, and makes the perfect medium for holding jewelry. I love how this turned out!

Have an inspired day!

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  1. Saw this on Pinterest, and out of all the different earring holders I’ve seen, this is by far the prettiest (and the simplest!) I’m totally doing this.

    As an aside, where in the world did you get those butterfly wing earrings on the bottom right? Those are GORGEOUS.

    1. Thank you! It’s fun and adds something different to my room!
      I got those butterfly earrings at our local folk festival last summer and I threw out the packaging, so I don’t know what the company was called! But what I do remember, is that they were made from the wings of butterflies (that were already deceased), from a place that actually raises butterflies for release. Sorry I can’t be of much more help!

  2. Miss A Pretty Life in the Suburbs,
    I loved this earring holder so much and so I decided to try it out. However, once I got it finished, the lace wasn’t holding tightly into the embroidery hoop. Did I do something wrong? Can you offer any advice? Like I said, I love this piece and would really love to take it to college with me, but I can’t if it won’t hold my earrings. Thank you for you help.