Summertime Happenings!

How is your summer going?
We are having a great time!  I’d could use more heat though!
Our summers are so short here, so I’m all for the hotter the better!!
But we try to soak up our summer, rain or shine!  Here’s what we’ve been up to…
July Long Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s!
My boys!

Popsicle messes that only babies can make!
He loved my Raspberry Pops!

Mr. Grasshopper who almost didn’t live to see another day!
Somehow he mysteriously got loose from his bug prison!  Ooops…

Grandma’s Japanese Lilacs about ready to burst open!

Stampede Parade to kick off the summer!
And a reminder that we support our troops!

Enjoying summer drinks on the patio!
More to come on this fave drink!
A trip to a local farm for some good old-fashioned outdoor play and fun!
Having fun with my camera at said farm!
Yet another picture of my peonies.  This is a bit fuzzy, but there is something about it that I like…
What are you up to this summer?

 Having fun with My Tuesday Ten at Under the Table and Dreaming., Project Alicia

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  1. Sounds like your having a great summer! Ours hasn’t really started yet here in the north of England! We’ve had the odd nice day but always when I seem to be working!:-(

  2. Sounds like you have been making the most of your summer. We have also had quite an unually cool summer here. Only a couple weeks of heat so far. Fun critter shot. My kids habitually have some grasshopper or toad in a cage. lol. Sometimes they find grasshoppers and crickets just to feed the toads. Eew. I know. I especially love that shot of the fence. Lovely. Thanks for joining Kristi and I for the Crazy Days of Summer!