Be Kind

I’m posting something today that is very different from what I usually post, but it was something I felt like doing, so I did.  Right now in my province of Alberta, the city of Fort McMurray (80,000+ people) have been displaced by wildfires.  80,000+ people.  SO many people with nothing left, everything taken by fire.  It’s unimaginable.  One of the most amazing outcomes of this ongoing tragedy is the kindness that has spread as people reach out to help from all corners of our country.  People opening their homes and hearts and kitchens and wallets to help people they don’t even know…this has been amazing to witness.  A ray of hope for people going through the worst times of their lives.

And a good reminder to always practice kindness.

Be Kind

Be kind.  It’s so simple.  I hope we never forget to be kind.  I want us to always remember how necessary it is to be kind, how being kind can change the world.  Being kind is as simple as letting someone in while driving, smiling at someone, asking how a person is doing, reaching out to a friend of family member to say hi, baking a cake for a displaced family, donating to the food bank.  Kindness is thinking twice about posting nonconstructive memes and opinions on social media.  Kindness is withholding judgement, and instead offering an open mind.

Be Kind Whenever Possible

I’m going to make it a goal of mine to engage in the movement of kindness.  I’m always going to try to contribute in a helpful, positive and kind way when ever I can.  As much as I can I am not going to complain, and instead look at ways to turn a situation into something more positive…change my mindset, if you will.  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone could do that?!

“Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.”  Yes.  It really is.

Cultivate Kindness

I made these quote images that I am going to share on social media, so feel free to do so as well!  Just drag the image onto your desktop and share away!  Spread kindness like glitter.

Have a great day,


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  1. Such a lovely post, and so generous of you to share those images. Wishing Alberta, and now Saskatchewan, rain to help put those fearsome fires out.