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Summer Road Trip Eye Spy

Print off this Summer Road Trip Eye Spy sheet for the kids for your driving adventure! A simple checklist of things to see along the way, and keep the kids busy!

Well it’s that time of year again, summer holidays! We do a fair amount of driving in the summer with our family a few hours away, and this means road trips. And as you may know, road trips can be a bit tiresome with little ones! I always tell them to play eye spy, but it’s never much fun for very long, and truth be told, I hate playing eye spy.  I know that’s bad, isn’t it?! In the car I just want to read, look out the window or actually have a conversation with my husband!

So what about their own Eye Spy game? One they can do on their own, or with their sibling(s)/friend/any willing participant! This list can be used over the course of the summer, or for each trip!

How to Use this Summer Road Trip Eye Spy Printable:

Just drag it on to your desktop and print! You can print it in black and white or colour, it’s up to you. Make a few copies so everyone has their own sheet for the trip!

And in case you missed it, I also put together a Summer Fun List with some activities for the holidays!

Happy road-tripping!

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  1. How cool! We’re planning a little road trip in about a month, so we’ll definitely be using this. Thanks so much for coming up with the list!