Simple Earring Tip for Sensitive Ears

Now I’m no fashionista by any stretch.  Not at all.  I’m happy if my clothes match and I’m not wearing Mom jeans.  But I admit, that I do like to look nice, and I cross my fingers that I’m not completely in denial about my wardrobe…someone please tell me if I am!  Someone?  Anyone?  haha

One wardrobe item that I don’t leave the house without (besides all the obvious girly gear that this Mom of 3 cannot go without), are earrings!  I love their instant pop of colour or prettiness that they add to an outfit.  Sometimes earrings are all I need to feel a little more put together.  And they always fit.  Even after consuming an entire bag of cookies all by yourself…they fit.

But I get bored with one pair.  I like to have many earrings to choose from, and that means that most of them are costume jewellery (I’m not fancy).  In fact my most favourite earrings are all from American Eagle Outfitters.  Go figure.

Anyway, because they’re cheap, er I mean inexpensive…the posts make my earring holes all red and irritated.  That whole cheap metal thing kills them.  So what’s a girl to do?

Fix them.  It’s so easy.

How To Fix Earrings for Sensitive Ears:

  • Buy a package of Sterling Silver or Gold plated ear wire hooks!  I bought 1 package of each kind and they cost me less than $10 for 10 sets.  I got mine at Michaels.
  • Just remove the wire hooks that come with your earrings, and reattach the new ones.  You don’t need any tools to do this.  All you have to do is just pry open the wire hooks and pinch them closed – all which I was able to do with my fingers – the metal is soft.  If you wish though, you can use a little set of pliers!
  • These plated hooks do not bother my ears at all, and I have very sensitive ears (the kind that seem to only withstand gold earrings), and these hooks work for me!

That’s it.  It’s that easy.  Almost too easy that it’s embarrassing to even share! But I’m sharing anyway, because for me, sometimes the most obvious things just aren’t that obvious! Now go…go revamp and fix those long lost earrings in the bottom of your drawer!

Have an inspired day!

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    1. Hi Melanie!
      You actually don’t need any tools – you just have to pry open the wire hooks and pinch them closed – all which I was able to do with my fingers – the metal is soft. If you wish though, you can use a little set of pliers!
      Have fun!

  1. Oh my gosh! I have a nickel allergy and literally just pulled my Avon (cheap… er, inexpensive) funky earrings out for this exact reason! They are sitting on my desk beside me as I type. Hilarious. I have to go and do this! Thank you for the awesome tip!

  2. What a great idea! For years, I didn’t wear dangle earrings because the cheap ones caused my pierced openings to elongate from the constant irritation. My new guy loves me to wear jewelry and that includes dangle earrings. I always buy the ones for sensitive ears but now I can buy any I like and change out the wires. Thanks much for a great tip!

  3. Thanks so much for the tip! I also have very sensitive ears. If I wear non gold or silver earrings, I can only wear them for a short time before they really bother me. I am eager to try this.

  4. Thanks so much for the tip. I as well as my 3 daughters and two granddaughters all have sensitive ears but love costume jewelry and this will be a great solution. Thanks again.

  5. Hi, I tried looking for it in michaels, but nothing came up. Do you by any chance has the link to these hooks?

  6. Oh my gosh!!!!! I just was shopping today and bought a pair of sterling silver earrings for $35 all convinced I can never buy inexpensive costume earrings ever again!! This changes my life!

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  8. Sterling silver earrings are the best for sensitive ears. These are lead and nickel free. They are less expensive than gold earrings so there will not be a hole in your pocket. Thanks for sharing these earring tips for sensitive ears.

  9. I agree with Deeksha here, sterling silver jewellery doesn’t cause allergic reaction as its nickle free. But still if you love to wear your costume jewellery, then you can apply vaselin to the metal, it works for so many people.
    Thanks for the post!