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This past week I had a photo shoot take place in my home (I’ll share more details once the shoot goes live!), and while I was getting ready for it washing blinds, dusting, reorganizing etc., I was starting to feel some major self doubt about my home.  Which is nuts, I realize, but sometimes it happens.  Out of no where I just stared to feel like my home wasn’t good enough to be published alongside some pretty gorgeous homes and big names.  But I was asked for a reason I guess, so I embraced it.

And since my main floor space was spic and span, and never looked better, I just had to capture it all on camera…it’s not all the time when everything is so tidy!  While I was taking pictures, I realized that I haven’t actually shared my home as it looks on a regular day (minus the mess that kids and a puppy add, but I’ll save you the image).  Up until now, all of my home tours are done for the holidays, so I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what my main space looks like without seasonal decor.

An Every Day Home Tour 2{A Pretty Life}

The main floor is my favourite space in my home…it’s where we spend most of our time, and I just really love being here.  It’s where I have put most of my decorating effort as well.  The only downside to this space it that it doesn’t see any sunshine, which I desperately wished it had.  And because it can be pretty dark back here, it was important to us to make sure the decor was light and airy.

An Every Day Home Tour 3{A Pretty Life}

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally embraced my love of colour.  It can be kind of scary to introduce colours that aren’t neutral, but life is too short to see everything in beige if you don’t love it.  The easiest way that I have found to do this, is to bring the colour in as accent pieces.  I kept the walls neutral, and added pops of colour in the form of chairs, flowers, dishes and simple art.

An Every Day Home Tour 10{A Pretty Life}

Without even realizing it, I have gradually collected a lot of aqua, yellow and white, and now I’m putting them on display.  I love how much cheer they add to our eating nook!  And the great thing is, if I get tired of the colours, or want to change them up for the holidays I can easily do that.

An Every Day Home Tour 5{A Pretty Life}

My eating nook though, I love it.  These chairs!  They’re my fave.  My goal is to add 2 more and paint them white.  But seriously, how fun are they to look at every day?

An Every Day Home Tour 4{A Pretty Life}

I also really love to decorate with natural elements like flowers and fruit.  Nature makes the best decor…again, so easy to change up for the seasons!  Apples in fall, lemons in spring, peaches in summer.  There’s no prettier (or easier) decor.

An Every Day Home Tour 6{A Pretty Life}

An Every Day Home Tour {A Pretty Life}

An Every Day Home Tour 9{A Pretty Life}

And this is my every day kitchen space…I do tend to keep this area pretty spic and span.  All of my food blog magic happens here, and I need a clean slate to work with hahaha!  Over the years I haven’t changed much with this space because it’s works for me, plus what I’d really like to do is rip out the cupboards and countertops and make everything white, but…

Molly in my home tour!2

And now my home pictures aren’t complete without this little ragamuffin.  Molly is everywhere now, so it’s hard to get pictures without her in them somehow. Plus she’s cute…and her dishes match so…

An Every Day Home Tour 7{A Pretty Life}

Here’s my mantel and fireplace area dressed down for every day.  This is how things look without Christmas garland or Halloween decorations!  Verrrrrry neutral.  I’m thinking it might be time for a colour punch in here.

An Every Day Home Tour 8{A Pretty Life}

Molly in my home tour!

So that’s my home.  I love my space and that’s what is important.  Comparison really is the thief of joy, so I won’t fall into that train of thinking again.  Love what you have, and make it yours.

Have an inspired day!



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    1. Hi Lauren! We aren’t the first owners of our home, so I’m not too sure where the stone is from. But it looks like it’s actually a moulded stone of some kind. I bet if you spoke to a fireplace company they would be able to tell you more! Good luck!

    2. Hi Lauren, I have installed this stone many times. If you live in Calgary it is available at IXL Brick (I’m not certain you can buy it unless you are a contractor, but worth asking). It is by a company called Eldorado Stone and it is cliffstone in the the color Barley. It is a prefab product and gives great results. My pricing as a contractor usually comes in at about $7.00 or so per square foot to purchase. If they will sell to the general public it is typically about 30% higher in cost so more likely in the $10 or so range per square foot. Then the cost to have a contractor install. Its a great update. Good luck and I hope this info helps.
      Elaine @ Dynamic Developments

  1. Your home is very pretty and charming, Jo-Anna! I recently posted about loving a clean kitchen – it’s such a good feeling when it’s all sparkling clean, right? Your puppy is so cute and so are her aqua bowls!

  2. Beautiful! Don’t feel like your home isn’t good enough! It’s perfect for your family the way it is. And the homes that look like magazine spreads can be a little intimidating and depressing to us mere mortals out here!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, love those mismatched chairs……and if you’re craving a white kitchen, why not just paint those cabinet doors? The existing counters are fine and then you sort of echo the white with stone combo that you have with the fireplace.
    thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

    1. We thought about painting the cabinets but then we would have to change the countertops – they’re a cream colour. But I think this would definitely be the way to go! Now I just have to convince my husband haha! 😉

  4. Jo-Anna, your pictures of your home are wonderful, very homey. I just love your Molly, what a sweet little thing!! Looking forward to see what the photographers did with the photo shoot.

  5. I love it and I think I would feel right at home there~your house is so welcoming and warm. And no house is complete without a dog! Thanks so much for sharing this on Throwback Thursday and have a great Holiday Season!

  6. I love the way you have used colour to accent your space. I especially appreciate the unique choice custom made wall hangings such as the EAT sign you have displayed. Your honest take on your home was both refreshing and inspiring. I am looking to award winning writers such as yourself to understand what makes a fantastic blog. My brothers own a custom design firm in Toronto and I am hoping to begin a blog to showcase their work. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  7. Your home is looking so beautiful, especially I loved your kitchen decoration. You decorated your home perfectly and the color combination is amazing, you didn’t use so many colors to decorate your home and it is right choice cause its looks great. Thanks for sharing this with us 