My Kitchen Tour

My Kitchen Tour

Hello again friends!  I’m so happy that you are here…I’m excited to show you around my kitchen, where I spend literally almost every waking hour prepping, cooking, baking, cleaning, visiting…it’s one of my favourite places.  I love my kitchen, but if I had my druthers I’d rip it all apart and design a kitchen made for me…oh the possibilities…wouldn’t that be fun?!  But for now, this is where all the magic happens, haha!  😉


Since we moved into our home we haven’t done much with the kitchen besides change up a few accessories.  But this year we changed out the appliances and I couldn’t be happier!


We are loving our new fridge, and now I’m in LOVE with my new double oven…it’s like a dream!!  It’s amazing how changing the appliances upgraded the feel of our kitchen about 10 years!  Love it…now if we could only do something about those cupboards…I wish they were white!  White everywhere I say!


This is our eating nook, you may remember it from when I organized our kitchen.  Recently I switched out our taupe curtains and replaced them with these aqua ones from Target!  I got them 50% off and couldn’t be happier with them – they’re bright and cheery!  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!


All organized.  But don’t be fooled – you should see my counters on a regular day.  They’re covered in real life stuff.  With 5 of us in and out of here throughout the day, things get messy.


Here’s a little fun tip I wanted to throw in here for you!  I found this gorgeous cupcake stand at Target and HAD to have it.  I don’t know when I’ll ever use it for cupcakes, but I did know it would make a great fruit ‘dish’!  Love it!


So that’s a little tour of my kitchen…my little happy place!  I hope you enjoyed it!

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Good luck!  And have an inspired day!

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    1. and my change is everything! We moved here 5 years ago with the intention of working on the kitchen first. That did not happen…but someday 🙂

  1. The backsplash handsdown. A friend of mine painted her builder cabinetry white with awesome results. You should do it!!

  2. We have already changed the countertops and built pass through windows, with backsplash to come in the near future, hopefully. If I could change one more thing though, it would be the cupboards…

  3. I loathe that the builders used the remaining 12×12 floor tiles as our kitchen backsplash tiles!! It looks ridiculous. 🙁

  4. I would love to win a Wheaton 1-Handle, Pull Down Kitchen Faucet as we are redoing our kitchen this year. This would help us out a lot.

  5. asides from more counter space, I would love a new tap, I don’t like the one we have, its too low and ugly. haha

  6. If I could change one thing, it would be updated countertops. Mine are scratched up and falling apart! My tap leaks so a new tap would be a good start too ;-D

  7. Jo-Anna, I love your kitchen. I have oak cabinets. You know, the stock, builder grade things. ugh! I don’t know that I would necessarily want white, but I would love to change mine out. I like that yours the cabinet doors meet in the middle and you don’t have that divider down the middle of your cabinets. I would love a big bank of drawers like yours. We did tile the backsplash and replace the kitchen sink and faucet. Gone is the chrome basic faucet like your original one with a oil rubbed bronze goose neck. How do you like your oven?? We have considered it, but not sure, being we would be losing the drawer for storage underneath and that one oven is so low to the ground. I do know, the next stove.. definitely has to have a convection oven.

    1. Hi Michelle! I just wanted to answer your question about the oven…I really really love it – having 2 ovens is so great. I’ve already used both ovens at the same time at different temperatures – SO handy! And the cooking/baking is so even. I do miss the drawer at the bottom, but it’s worth the juggling around!

  8. I’m currently in the process of painting my cabinets white and my walls revere pewter. I’m going to install a subway tile after I get new countertops and a new sink and faucet. I’m changing everything!

  9. LOVE your kitchen!!!! The Faucet is soooo pretty!!

    If I could change one thing… it would be all my cupboards.. does that qualify as one thing? hehe 🙂

  10. Change 1 thing? I’d take a wrecking ball to my kitchen. Builder grade nightmare. 15 years old. I can lift the countertop off of the base cabinets. Needless to say we’re doing a kitchen reno in the future and I would love a faucet!

    Thanks for the sweet tour! Nice to see the place where all your delicious recipes are made!

  11. I would change a lot of things. Would love to have my counter space and cabinets, would love a 6 burner stove and would love to have a dishwasher.

  12. But if you change the cabinets to white, they you will need to change the backsplash, and the walls will need a new paint color because of the new granite counter tops… which will mean painting the whole main floor, and then you will change the island shape while you are changing the cabinets which will mean getting rid of the shaped thing on the ceiling, and on and on.


    But I would be very happy with a new faucet 🙂

  13. Love it… we’re just about to change a few small things in our kitchen… lighting, backsplash and faucets. Love this one 🙂

  14. Great kitchen! I understand wanting to paint the cabinets white, I love white kitchens too.

    If I could change one thing? Hahaha, one thing at a time! Starting with the countertops, replace the sink, the backsplash and the hood range. Maybe even the cabinets. They’re decent but old, they’ve been painted white and I moved the hardware from the center of the doors to the lower interior. Much better. What I don’t like about them is the ugly brown insides. Perhaps one day I will paint them. 🙂

  15. We have a newerish type kitchen…but the one thing I would change is to have a part of my countertop at regular height. both my husband and I are 6ft or more and so when we built our home we raised ALL our counters approx 3 inches. I make bread weekly for my boys and needing at that height is a bit of a kitchen I will incorporate a bit of counter at a lower height for needing bread 🙂

  16. I’m fairly satisfied with my kitchen but after 4 years of kid dirt. Its in BAD need of a new paint job! The other thing on the list is ironically a new Faucet, I’m living in builder grade land too! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  17. Your kitchen cleans up just lovely; wish I could be that organized . I remember when you changed up to those curtains.. Much brighter & very cheery. And finally, of course I would love to win a new set of Taps for our kitchen sink.. x

  18. The one thing I would change about my kitchen is I would take away the raised breakfast bar and drop it down to counter height.

  19. Besides the ENTIRE kitchen, the one thing I would choose is the tap. It is actually a really nice one that I bought myself, but I made the mistake of getting one that is a little too short. Just enough that I have to reach a tiny bit, and it makes it really awkward to use. Bad choice!

  20. I have started the stainless switch over — the next appliance to go is the dishwasher — the fridge was a year ago — and the dishwasher sometimes leaks — so know my days are numbered. Have had some quotes done on refacing the cupboards — if I had yours I would paint them — I am envious of your handles — mine are the ones with the stupid wooden groove at the bottom — hate them.

  21. We’ve been building our dream house (a timberframe) for a couple of years. That faucet would look fab-U-lous with my farmhouse sink. Hoping to be moved in this spring (fingers crossed), so at the moment, I have a blank slate for my kitchen…putting all my paper dreams into play!

  22. Looking great in there!! Your new curtains are certainly cheery. I’m dreaming of the day we get to swap out our appliances… maybe in a few years. Your new faucet is also gorgeous. I’d love to win one; our current faucet looks almost identical to your old one!

  23. I know I’m not Canadian to enter your contest…but I had to laugh because the husband JUST replaced our faucet! (tap?)

    I’m with ya, sister. I wish I would have opted for white. We redid our kitchen 5 years ago, and my cousin who is a designer told me to do white, but I opted for darker cabinets. When you cook a lot in a small space, white gets dirty quickly.

    Love seeing this space!