Let’s take a road trip with the AMA #RoadTripWin Contest!

It’s summer!  Wooooohoooooo!  This means it’s road trip season!  Time to hit the pavement and get out and explore the world in 2 short summer months!

We do a lot of driving in the summer to various campgrounds and trips to see family, so we like to be prepared.  And the first part of being prepared means we have an AMA membership.  We’ve had our AMA membership for as long as I can remember (forever really), and I am most thankful for it when we’re on long drives away from home.  I like the peace of mind that if we run into any problems with our car and end up needing a tow or boost or tire change, we can call AMA for road side assistance.  They’re like having an on call Dad.  For times like when you may or may not have locked your keys in the car in the mountains on a camping trip and you call AMA to come out and rescue you.  They will.  Ask me how I know?  😉


But the membership is also great to have for extra savings too.  Did you know….

Anyway, because I love AMA and the peace of mind they give us all year round, I wanted to share a fun contest that they are holding!
Let’s take a road trip with the AMA #RoadTripWin Contest!


Contest Details:

From now until August 19, 2014 (11:59PM MST) post your road trip photos on Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #RoadTripWin and you’re automatically entered to win awesome weekly prizes and the grand prize of a Jasper weekend getaway!

You can find full contest and prize details at www.ama.ab.ca/roadtripwin.

 Make sure to follow AMA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

Happy road trippin’!

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  1. That beautiful scenery alone should get me to go out “west” at least once in my life. Can you believe we have never been? I am bad Ontarian.