Kitchen Kapers: Freezing Leftover Liquids

A simple and practical tip for Freezing Leftover Liquids to use in recipes later!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the most obvious things elude me. I’m always opening containers of things for cooking, then I’m stuck with leftovers. Often I just put the half used container into the freezer, but when I go to use it on another day, it’s not in the most convenient package for reuse. 

For example, the tetra packs of broth.  I use half and then put the half full container in the freezer for later.  But when I need a small amount of broth for another recipe, the frozen block of broth just doesn’t help me much.  So why not store it in better proportions? 

I have these silicone muffin cups that for me, are terrible for baking muffins in,  but, as I discovered, they conveniently hold 1/4 cup of liquid.

Freezing Leftover Liquids


I used a cooking tin to hold the cups, then I just filled them up, and put them in the deep freezer overnight.

Freezing Leftover Liquids

Then I transferred them over to a labelled freezer ziplock bag for use later.  Now I can grab a block, and defrost them when needed. Easy to do.  Easy to use.  

Have a delicious day!

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