I See Fall…

I felt inspired today to take some photos with my Hipstamatic App.
Scenes of fall are plentiful!

Sunny sunflowers are everywhere!
Who can’t love these happy little faces?!
Bins full of squash
So inspiring!  They make me want to bake and decorate!

Plentiful peaches!
Oh concord grapes how do I love thee!
I miss you all year ’round…

I love pumpkins in my home!
Kale is so pretty!
I was brave today and actually bought some for eating…
…kale chips maybe… hmm…?

My sunflower transition wreath
…my fall yarn wreath just doesn’t match my pink petunias that are still in full bloom, lol!

Feeling crafty, and spending too much $ and time in Michaels…
I had to laugh at this sign.  And laugh I did, by myself in the aisle.  Probably looked like a crazy person.

My counters are covered in fresh produce.
I LOVE that.
Yum yummy dill carrots and chokecherry jam, homemade from Mom!

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  1. After I stop laughing at that sign I will say just how much I love your shots – all so beautiful and autumny! If I had been with you I might have had to make a mad dash to the bathroom! rotfl still. . . and so is Dad.

  2. I just “pinned” you on Pinterest as my newest favorite blog! I love your ideas for crafting and can I say…every recipe of yours that I’ve tried is just heavenly?!! Thank you for coming into my life : )