Holiday Drinks with the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti!

Edited:  Occasionally I will update a post on a product review, after some time and use. These updates are to let you know what I think a year or even years later.  While I have LOVED my Saeco GranBaristo, my machine stopped working after just over 2 years.  This is a pricey machine and should last longer than 2 years!  Sadly, I CANNOT recommend it.

I am working with Saeco in reviewing their new GranBaristo Avanti espresso machine.  I honestly have never had better coffee than what this machine makes.  And we’ve been having some fun creating some holiday drinks with it!  I wanted to share with you, and show you one of the many holiday drinks it is capable of making.

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I do officially declare that it’s holiday season over here!  Next weekend we are going to decorate and put up the tree, I bought our first container of eggnog, I’ve been making wreaths, and the Christmas tunes are sneaking into playlists!  I love love this time of year.

And now that it’s the holiday season, pumpkin spice everything has moved on out, and eggnog everything has moved on in.  I especially love specialty eggnog drinks this time of year, and now that we have our new Saeco GranBaristo Avanti espresso machine at home, we have been making so many delicious holiday drinks.  No more trips to the ‘Bucks for us.


If it’s possible to love my GranBaristo any more, I especially adore it during the holiday season because I can brew Eggnog Lattes, Eggnog Flat Whites, Steamed Eggnog, Hot Chocolate, Mochas, coffee and Bailey’s.  SO many delicious holiday drinks!


Look at that beautiful steam!

In particular, we are especially loving Eggnog Lattes and Eggnog Flat Whites.  There is just no coffee drink more delicious than one with creamy microfoam over a shot of espresso…I’ll take mine with extra foam please!  😉


The mix of steamed eggnog and smooth velvet eggnog foam is holiday season in a mug.  Want to come over for coffee?


I’m looking forward to having friends and family over for brunch so we can program our Saeco with delicious drink orders and sip them alongside a Baked French Toast.  Sounds like a perfect gathering.



Make an Eggnog Flat White and sprinkle it with cinnamon!  Delicious!

If you’re considering adding a Saeco GranBaristo to your Christmas list this year you should (I love it so much I added it my Favourite Things Holiday Gift List)!  With this new model you can make coffee right from the app on your phone. So you can be lying in bed and with the press of a button, your coffee will brew!  Plus if you have a number of guests stop by for coffee, you can program your machine with all of their orders!  And the machine is small enough that it will fit in seamlessly in your kitchen…it’s really not much bigger than a regular coffee maker.  So awesome.

Have a very Merry and delicious day!


Disclosure:  Saeco generously provided the GranBaristo Avanti Espresso Machine for this post, and I was paid for my time, but as always the ideas, recipe, photos and opinions stated here are mine.  We are loving our GranBaristo Avanti!

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  1. I’m sorry but I am confused! The picture is of a table decoration, the words underneath describe brie and sun-dried tomatoes (which is what I was looking for) and when I try keying in on different things, I get your blog and nowhere can I find the recipe that I was looking for.

  2. So.. where the heck are the recipes on how to make these drinks using the Saeco? So happy you know how to make them… care to share or is this just an advertisement?

    1. From time to time I like to share products with my readers that I really enjoy. In this particular instance, I’m sharing my first hand experience with the Saeco machine. All the drinks I mention in my post are ones that you can easily make with it, by substituting eggnog with milk. No trick to it all, it’s easy!