Christmas Music Playlist 2014

I LOVE Christmas music…A LOT.  In fact, I sneak it into my car about mid November.  I figure since the holiday season is so short, I can start listening to it a little early right?

I love so many different albums and types of Christmas music…I love classics like Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald, but I also love newly released Christmas music.  And every year I like to put together a music playlist that’s a mixture of all kinds of Christmas music, then I listen to all holiday season long.  These mixes are always a combination of new music I’ve discovered for that year, plus old favourites.

This year I’ve put together another play list with some old favourites and some new finds!

So here we go!  Let’s get our Christmas music on!

Christmas Music Playlist 2014 {A Pretty Life}

  1. This Warm December Volume 2 – this is a great album, but my favourite song from it is called “Christmas Must Be Tonight by Bahamas”.  I’m in luv with Bahamas.  Seriously.  And a Christmas song?!  Sigh.
  2. This is a new-to me song I came across this year…“Vintage Christmas by David Ian”.  It’s really jazzy and fun.  LOVE it.
  3. The “She & Him Christmas album” is one of my most favourite Christmas albums of all time.  Every song on it is fantastic!  I think I play it about 50 times during the holiday season!
  4. “Let it Snow by David Myles” is a great Christmas song I discovered this year.  It’s just a fun, folky Christmas song.
  5. For you Blue Rodeo fans…the ENTIRE “Merrie Christmas to You by Blue Rodeo” album is so great.  Classic Blue Rodeo.
  6. My sister gave me the Christmas album “And Winter Came by Enya”.  It’s very beautiful and very relaxing.  Great background or dinner music!
  7. For all you Downton Abbey fans there is a Christmas album!!  This album is very Downton if you know what I mean – it’s traditional to it’s time.  I think my favourite song from the Christmas At Downton Abbey  album is “Away in a Manger – Choir of Kings College, Cambridge”.  Beautiful.
  8. This is another new-to-me find this year:  “Sparrow in the Birch Album”  It’s folky and beautiful…I love it.
  9. And last but not least, “A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio”.  This is such a great Christmas album.  It’s relaxing and very festive.  I’ll often play this when I’m making dinner, or even during dinner.  It seems to take chaos down a level.  It’s fantastic!

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And in case you need more Christmas music ideas, here are my playlists from previous years:

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What are you favourite Christmas songs or albums?


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