Upcycling! Making a Chair Pillow


When I was expecting our third baby, I knew that I would absolutely need a sling.  With 2 already busy kids in school, and a house to run, I had to have baby close to me.  

And not only that, for me, that’s where baby belonged, right with me.
So when I saw this sling, I knew I had to have it!  Loved the colours.  Loved the pattern.  Loved everything about it!  For the first 16 weeks this is where baby hung out!  But around 16 weeks, he just didn’t dig it anymore and into the Snugli he went, and the sling went into the back of the closet.  
I just couldn’t get rid of it, it was just tooooo pretty.  So I kept it for a rainy day.
Well, metaphorical rainy day arriveth.  Brainstorm.  I decided to make a pillow out of it!  
Our office is painted a chocolate brown, and I thought this fabric as a chair pillow would look fabulous!  
And it does!
I used only items that I already had around.  Fabric.  Pillow.  Buttons.  
Recycling and upcycling are awesome!

My little stinker.
I cut it to the shape of a pillow I already had on hand.
And I cut out fabric for 4 ties.

Chair tie.

I used buttons on the back to close it up.

Doesn’t it look nice!?  So glad I kept the sling for a rainy day!

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  1. WOw!! I love that.. it looks amazing.. I recently plan to transform a chair as well.. and well i am planning to do something of this sort as well.. just wish i ould find some amazing fabric of this sort! nope i dont hava any cute slings! How unlucky me!!