TV Shows Not To Miss on Netflix! #StreamTeam

Recently I joined the Netflix StreamTeam which I’m SO excited to be a part of!  This means that each month I get to share with you all the new TV shows, movies and series that are streaming on Netflix.  How much fun is that?!  I’m really excited to be a part of this program because I heart Netflix in a BIG way. You may already know of my love of Netflix, and in case you didn’t, well now you do.  When I’m all done cooking, baking and looking after everyone for the day, my guilty pleasure is Netflix.

We’ve been streaming Netflix into our home for the past 3 years now, and during that time I’ve actually discovered some of my most favourite shows ever.  I LOVE being able to watch movies and full seasons of TV shows I haven’t seen yet.  But I also love being able to catch up on shows that are current on TV, but where I have missed the first few seasons.  Netflix really is the best.

So without further ado, here is what I’m watching right now on Netflix, along with some of my most favourite TV shows of all time…all available on Netflix right now!

TV Shows Not To Miss on Netflix! #StreamTeam


The Emmy award winning series Homeland is one of my top 5 favourite shows of all time.  This is such an intelligent and intense show, that has me drawn right in.  I was hooked after the first episode!  This political series stars actress Clare Danes as a bi-polar CIA officer Carrie Mathison. With the help of her long-time mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), Carrie fearlessly risks everything to keep her Homeland safe from terrorism.  You can catch up on Seasons 1 – 3 on Netflix right now!


I just finished binge watching seasons 1 – 4 of Scandal, and I loved it so much!  This is one of those shows that I always wanted to watch, but I missed it on TV.  So when I saw it on Netflix I couldn’t wait to watch it…and right away I was hooked!  The main character Olivia Pope is a former media consultant to the president of the U.S.A., turned crisis manager (aka fixer).  Olivia and her complicated team of fixers specialize in cleaning up the lives of other people.  Oh and did I mention her love affair with the President…oh I didn’t?  It’s steamy.


Suits is another must watch TV series.  My husband & I stumbled upon this TV series by accident, and were so happy we did.  This is a witty and fun TV show about a college drop out, turned lawyer, but not a real lawyer, named Mike Ross.  It’s complicated, but not.  Together with his mentor Harvey Specter, they tackle the world of law and order.  If anything, you need to watch Suits just for all the amazing fashion…this is the best dressed cast on TV!  You can watch seasons 1 – 4 on Netflix right now.  It’s a great show!

The Good Wife

Since we’re on the topic of lawyers…it does appear that I have a thing for them doesn’t it?  Haha! Anyway The Good Wife is another great drama involving lawyers.  The main character Alicia, has returned to work as a lawyer after her politician husband is involved in a scandal. I love Alicia’s character…she’s a tough, no-nonsense female lead!  Seasons 1 – 5 are on Netflix.


Yes, I love the show Dexter.  At first I was actually scared to watch this show, but it didn’t take long for me to get over that and get hooked.  Dexter works for the police department as a blood splatter analyst, but this is just a cover for his real work which is really as a murderer who only targets other killers.  I know, I know it sounds crazy and grim, but surprisingly this show is quite campy and full of humour.  You find yourself laughing at times and rooting for Dexter.  It’s a mix of emotions.  But a really great show…my husband & I both really liked it.  You can watch the whole series on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights

And last but not least, let’s talk about Friday Night Lights.  Oh this show…it tugs on my heart strings.  Coach Taylor, oh man he’s my fave, is the head coach of the fictional American high school football team, Dillon Panthers.  But this show is more than just football, it’s a look into the people and their lives in small down Dillon, TX.  “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”  Sigh.

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What are you watching on Netflix?  I’m binge watcher so I always need new suggestions!  Fire them my way in the comment section below!


Disclosure:  I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam, but as always all thoughts and opinions here are my own…I LOVE Netflix…it’s an addiction…but a good one!

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  1. Wentworth, Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax, Wallendar, Bailey and Scott, Silks, Dexter (96 episodes if I remember correctly), Lie to Me, and many others. I love Netflix but wish we could get as wide a selection as the US version altough I might never get out of the house if we did.

  2. I’m a binge watcher too!
    Have you watched Hawaii Five-O, Heartland, Longmire, Lost, Elementary, Arrow, Gotham, Sherlock, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Haven, Lost Girl, Crossing Jordan, Heroes, Flashpoint, The Gates, Terra Nova, Cedar Cove, Bones, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Numbers, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Being Human (watch both U.S. and BBC versions), Blue Bloods, Alias, Nikita, Alphas, Torchwood, The Glades. Oh, I could go on, I’m disabled so I am home a lot, and when you have a lot of time on your hands, you find yourself watching a lot of t.v.. Hope you enjoy!