Time for Spring Cleaning… yippee… no

We’ve been stuck inside basically for the past 6 months, and things are a startin’ to get on me nerves.  Tired of winter.  Tired of mess.  Tired of looking at dust.  Tired.  (just keepin’ it real!)  
But today the sun was shining, and our foot of snow is melting fast, reminding me that spring really is here.  Spring in these parts means one day it’s t-shirt weather, and the next it’s snowpants and touques (For the non-Canadian readers, this is a winter hat.  Don’t know what the rest of the world calls them!)  
Spring for me, also means cleaning time.  There are things that just have to be done, and it can all be a bit overwhelming.  But, I thought the best way for me to tackle this looming job, is to write about it and work through it on my blog!  Maybe you will feel inspired to tackle your home if you haven’t already!  Maybe you have some tips!

So I am dedicating the in-limbo month of April, to my spring cleaning task.  I’m going to spread it out over the month, tackling one thing at a time on my list.  And I’m starting tomorrow.  I’m going to try to write a bit about it on my blog every day so I can hold myself accountable, and maybe inspire someone else to make their home shine bright for spring!

Here is what I am going to tackle.  One day at a time.
And this is how I will dress for the task at hand.  Not.


Click here to go to a more detailed post on cleaning lighting.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs (believe it or not, we often leave burnt out bulbs too long!)  
  • Clean all ceiling light fixtures, with vinegar & water solution.
  • Dust lamp shades, using vacuum.

Click here to go to a more detailed window cleaning post.

  • Wash curtains.
  • Wash blinds.
  • Wash windowsills.
  • Clean indoor windows.
  • Hire someone to wash windows outside.
  • Put window screens back in.

Click here to go to a more detailed post on cleaning the kitchen.

  • Wash high chair (I’m actually dreading this the most!) 
  • Wash kitchen chair cushions.
  • Clean garburator.
  • Descale coffee pot.
  • Clean fridge.
  • Wipe down kitchen cupboards.
  • Clean out cupboard under the kitchen sink.

Whole Home Duties

  • Wash floors.
  • Thorough dusting.  Including lamp shades and books and book shelves.
  • Replace furnace filter & vent filters.
  • Wash base boards.
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Wipe down railings.
  • Have carpets cleaned.
  • Purge!  And donate!
Laundry Room/Landing Pad
  • Clean washer (or maybe get a new one?!  Cross my fingers!)
  • Put away most winter items.


  • Organize garage.
Happy Cleaning?

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  1. After viewing your last post, I have scheduled a month long business trip. My apologies in advance for not being able to help “support” you in this endeavor.


    The Hubby

  2. the toughest chore for me is doing the seasonal transition of clothes between my 3 girls … the inventory & organizing … ey yi yi * *

  3. To clean a high chair put it in the shower, spray it with tub and tile cleaner … leave it for 10 or 15 minutes and then turn on the shower. Flip it upside down halfway through to get the hidden gunkies. Clean and fresh!

  4. Found ya via UBP11. This sounds just like me. I need, need, need to get this place in order after a long winter. Cool idea, blogging through. I like this.

    Adding you to my RSS.