Spring Cleaning…Part 5: My Dirty Little Secret

Alright.  Keepin’ it real today.
This room is my dirty little secret.  
You can’t see it from the main floor, or the main entrance.  
So that means that guests who come by really never know it’s there.
So it looks like this pretty much all of the time.
This room is the kids playroom/TV room/craft room.  And it is my nemesis.
It is a never ending battle of organization and cleanliness, hence the reason I have left it to last in my month of spring cleaning.
It needed:
A toy purge.  check
A good dusting.  check

A carpet clean.  um not yet.  I’m trying to convince the hubby we need new fabulous carpet!
A blind clean.  check
A wall clean.  check
A baseboard clean.  check

Then I needed a drink.  Just sayin.
The Evidence:
A view of the left side.
Why can’t the pillows ever stay on the couch?
Why can’t the kids push their toy boxes back onto the shelf?
Why isn’t the window seat ever used as a seat?
Hey!  Who painted those wooden chairs?!
Why are the movies always spread all over the place?

A view of the right side.
Lego, lego everywhere.  Embedded in my foot.
Dust.  Achoo.
Barbie stuff scattered all over.
A forever dismantled train set.  (And I even hot glue gunned everything down.)
Is that my sewing machine collecting dust in the corner?
Why aren’t the Pet Shops in their bin?
Who coloured on the couch?

Time to Get to Work!
Oh, but where to begin?

I know.  Throwing stuff out.  I love this part!

Spring is a great time to purge in every room of the house!  
Donate old clothes, toys, books, blankets, dishes, movies…the possibilities are endless!  I have unloaded at least 5 garbage bags full of stuff!  Feels so good to pass along things we don’t need or use anymore.

Dust ceiling fans
Nothing works better than the trusty water/soap/vinegar mix and a microfibre cloth.  Good-bye inch thick dust and bugs!  Don’t forget to clean the light fixture part too, and replace lightbulbs if necessary!

Wipe down walls
I use water/soap/vinegar mix to wipe down my walls.  Cleans away greasy little fingerprints and food smears!  (how do walls get so dirty anyway?!)   For tough marks, crayon and scuffs, I use the Shaklee Scour-Off.  Amazing stuff!  (careful not to rub too hard though, or you could remove your paint.)

Wipe down baseboards

While you are down on the floor madly cleaning your walls, give your baseboards a good wipe too!  Again, for tough marks and scuffs, I use the Shaklee Scour-Off. 
Organize, organize, organize!
I love my Ikea shelves!  They are stylish and they hold A LOT of stuff.  Books, games, everything!  I bought baskets and bins to put on these shelves in an attempt to keep things orderly in here.  For the most part they work.  It’s just a cleaning routine that I have to get the kids into.

Well, I’m wrapping up my spring clean series.  Quite frankly, I’ve had enough!  My hands are like sandpaper, my eyes feel crossed and the right one is twitching from staring at too many blinds and blank walls.  It’s time for some much needed TLC.  But I’m happy for all that I accomplished around here.  The house feels and looks cleaner!

Thanks again so much for reading, and happy spring cleaning to you!

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  1. These pictures bring back the memories of spring cleaning.

    I am just going through your blog and this “series” on spring cleaning is real helpful.


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