Through the lens…a look at our long weekend

Because I just can’t resist a Hipstamatic moment in time…
Here’s a look at our August long weekend at our lake…
Ripply pretty water.  I only go in knee deep!  😉
Can you guess what this is?  
It’s a reflection on the pavement of my daughter and her water tube!
Cool eh?!
Skipping sand.  
Actually flying sand out of the hands of my 23 month old!

Yes this little stinker.  If he could get his hands on it, in the water it went!

More pretty ripply water.  This is a new Hipstamatic lens…

The water is warm I’m told.  
I’ll take their word on it.

My water baby out snorkeling.
Oh hello.
It’s not a good time at the beach unless some one gets buried!

Another cool lens.

My boy warming up in the sun.
Good weekend times!  Hot weather, sandy beaches, and lots and lots of BBQ! 
(and maybe a glass of wine or 2…)
How was your weekend?
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  1. As usual….loved every bit of your blog!!! Hope you are doing well!!! We hope to have some new things posted on our shop’s blog soon so please stop by!!
    Carolyn Bradford