I’ve gone and done it…

I took a leap and went and changed my blog!
I know it’s just a blog, but when you love your blog, like most of us do, 
it’s hard to know how to show yourself to the world.  
For me, my blog is a window into a part of me, and I want it to reflect that.  
So after much playing around, this is what I came up with…
It’s simple.
It’s light.
It’s airy.
It’s pretty.
And I love it.   For now anyway!

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  1. I recently changed the look of my blog too cassoncorner.blogspot.com.
    It’s hard to chose what fits you and what you want to convey! You did a great job. So pretty 🙂 and very nice to look at. It’s easy to read too. Good job!

  2. Oooooooooh! I love love love it! It’s so light and airy and pretty. Perfect!!! My blog needs a SERIOUS overhaul. Ugh. I have no idea how. Did you do this all yourself??

  3. Love the new look. I have been looking at themes to change mine as well. I make over everything else! lol It’s time for some blog loving!

  4. i love the new look. light, easy to read, feminine.

    i feel like my own blog needs a more feminine touch, it’s only 3 weeks old and i’m antsy to change it! i made my first banner for it yesterday… i’m sort of waiting until i purchase my own domain name to see how i’d like for it’s signature style to go…


  5. I like it better! Good job! U may notice I’ve been struggling with the look of mine as well! I think I’m good for awhile now too. So hard to just leave well enough alone!

  6. Your blog design is lovely!!
    I’ve changed your blog header on our Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers members’ list 🙂 I was thinking… for the purposes of the list only, it might be nice to add your background cross-hatching to your header. Anyway… take a look and, if you’d like to make any changes, let me know (or email me a different header) to cdn.dlbwest@gmail.com