This Big Adventure!

I have some exciting news I want to share with you!  Together with my husband, we are the proud new owners of the travel blog This Big Adventure!

So here’s the backstory…I have wanted to incorporate travel into this site for quite a long time.  And over the years I’ve posted a few travel things, but I’ve always felt like this kind of content never really fit in well with what I regularly post here at ‘A Pretty Life’.  I even started a travel Instagram account but it just didn’t feel right.  In the mean time, we’ve been busy traveling with our kids, and exploring everything from our home town, to taking road trips, to seeing the sights, and more, and I’ve been dying to share our experiences.

So when the opportunity came up to buy the established blog, ‘This Big Adventure’ from a friend, who is changing directions with her own blog, I jumped on it.  Like within minutes.  I have always loved this site and LOVED the name…in fact it was really everything I imagined for a family travel site.  So when it became available I knew I had to have it.

This Big Adventure is just under 2 years old, so it has all kinds of fantastic content already…everything from visiting Cuba with kids, to camping in tree cocoons, to picking the right sleeping bags for kids…there’s so much to read!  And now, together with my husband Tobin, we have taken over the helm and will be busy posting more great family travel!  Camping, hiking, bucket list places to visit, travel tips…you name it, we’re going to share it!  And we hope you follow along.

But don’t worry!  I am absolutely still going to be here at ‘A Pretty Life’ sharing delicious recipes, home decor and home DIY projects with you, I’m just adding another blog to our to-do list!   And I’m super excited about it!

This Big Adventure is a space where we can share our love of travel and adventure! We believe adventure can start the moment you step out your front door…from exploring our hometown, taking day trips, weekend camping excursions, or long haul vacations, we love to do it all!

I hope you will follow along as we set you up with all the tips, tricks, and hidden gems that we find along the way!

Follow us along on This Big Adventure here:

Let’s Adventure!

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  1. Just did our first mini camping trip this year (the long weekend) . Was a test for us as we were not too sure what we’d all need (we had to go back home the 1st day by supper time cus hubby forgot meds and its a 20 min drive away) We also have pet ferrets and needed to see how well they’d do being locked in cages for two days (we’ll have to get babysitters for them the next round)