Pretty Valentines Heart Hanger

Make this Pretty Valentines Heart Hanger to dress up your door for Valentines Day!
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Pretty Valentines Heart Hanger

I’m on a Valentines tear this year!  It must be because we haven’t seen the sun since October, and I’m craving some colour!  I think this is my last Valentines craft for the year.  I upcycled an old decoration that I had been hanging on my door every year for the past 5 years.  It was time for a change!  (the old one had pink roses all over it, cute, but I’m over fake flowers) I’m going to try to incorporate this into my Valentines Mantel Display.

I had seen this technique with felt on a few projects in my trolling of the internet.  But one in particular caught my eye at eighteen25, and I thought I can do that!  I had just the perfect materials.  I will never do this technique again.  Ever.  It was tedious beyond belief.  And I re-burnt my thumb with the glue gun.  Ow.

Anyway, here it is.

Here is what you need:

Cut your felt into small squares first, then cut them into circles.  Fold like a won-ton.

Glue the bottom, and stick onto your base.

Watch your fingers!  Ow.

Just a close up of how I lined them up: backing onto each other.  Tedious, tedious.  Fun!  (the holes in the base are just from the roses that used to be there)  One thing to mention is, that the base was already painted pink.  This really worked out well for this project, because it didn’t matter if it showed through.  So you might consider covering your base somehow, either with paint or fabric.

Happy Crafting!

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