Deck Makeover: Painting Deck Furniture

Hi everyone!  It feels like forever since I’ve posted!  What on earth?!  But there’s been a lot going on over here, and I have a lot to share! One of the most exciting things for us is all the work we’ve been doing to our deck. You might have already caught a peek if you follow me on Instagram.

Our deck has needed a makeover for a couple of years now, but the timing was just never right for us to tackle it.  All the work that needed to be done just seemed SO daunting.  And I’m not a big fan of painting, which is the majority of the work.  I love the after effect of painting, but all the prep work and waiting – oh man, it bites.  When it’s all done though, it’s so satisfying!

We also wanted to do it all without spending a lot of money.  In order to do that we couldn’t buy any new furniture, which was fine by me because I’ve always really liked the furniture we have.  It’s simple, easy to look after and is timeless in style.  All it really needed was some fixing and repainting…no problem!

So one day while shopping in our local grocery store, I saw some pillows and I immediately got a vision of what I wanted our deck to look like.  Weird how that happens sometimes!  Feeling inspired to make our deck an oasis, I got to work and made a list of all that we needed to:

First up:  tackling our old wooden furniture.


Deck Furniture Before

This set has great structure.  It’s simple.  But boy does it look sad.  And the deck…don’t even get me started. Both are getting a paint job, but first I really wanted to paint this set. I knew that I wanted it to pop with colour, because the rest of our deck was going to be dark.  So I got brave and chose a colour that was completely out of my comfort zone, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


Painting Deck Furniture

Pre-painting Preparations:

  • First I washed all the chairs, using the hose, and let them dry completely overnight.
  • The next day I used a light sanding block and gently sanded the chairs down.  I didn’t stress too much over this part.
  • After I sanded, I used a dry cloth to wipe off all the sanding dust.

Paint Information:

  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Exterior Semi-Gloss Enamel
  • Colour:  Cozumel:
Painting Information:
  • I tried to avoid having to give the chairs 2 coats of paint, so I was generous with the paint on the first application (as generous as I could be without having drip marks).  But I did end up having to do a light second coat.  Overall though, this paint really applied and covered well.

When I first started putting it on I have to admit I got a few heart palpitations.  But right away I knew it was going to look fabulous! I am so happy with it, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it!

Painting Deck Furniture

The colour pops off the deck, but isn’t at all overwhelming.  You’ll really be able to see that when I show you our whole deck (coming soon).  It’s really just the perfect punch of colour!

Painting Deck Furniture

Love love love it.  Did I mention I love it?!  😉

Painting Deck Furniture

And that deck…would you look at that stain?!  Fab-u-lous.  Can’t wait to show you that next! I’m very very happy with how it turned out.  Even after a few choice words while I was painting nooks and crannies, I’m so happy I tackled this project.  The power of paint is amazing isn’t it?!

Now, you can find me outside on my ‘new’ patio set sipping some lemonade.  Life is good.  🙂

Have an inspired day!

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  1. Love your new deck makeover…what color of paint or stain did you use on the little table and deck…LOOKS AMAZING!