Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier

My thoughts on the Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier!

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As part of my ambassador program with Hoover Canada, recently I was able to review the Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier in our home.  I was really interested to see how this purifier would work, especially since I have an active an home with 3 kids, a cat and a dog.  So as you can imagine things can get pretty dirty around here with cat hair, dirt the kids bring in and little dust bunnies floating along our hardwood floors!


By nature I’m a pretty clean person and I like to keep a clean home. I wash the floors regularly, and I dust and vacuum often, and up until now I had never really considered having an air purifier to keep my air clean.  So I was intrigued at the idea of trying this one out, especially since we’re heading into winter which means we will be spending the majority of our time indoors!  Clean air is important when you’re inside most of the time!


My initial thoughts on the Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier:

When I thought of air purifiers I pictured them as huge bulky eyesores that took up real estate in the living area, so I was happy to see that this purifier was small and very discreet looking.  It actually blends into my living room seamlessly, which I appreciate.  I also like that the fan in it is quiet and very non-intrusive, in fact I hardly know it’s there.  Another feature that I like is that the unit is portable, so I can move it from room to room if I wish.  But of course the best feature is that it quietly captures pet dander, dust, and other allergens from the air that passes through the filter, removes the causes of indoor air pollution and leaves behind crisp, clean and breathable air.

What I Like about the Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier:

  • It leaves the air we breathe clean, and smelling clean.
  • It’s small and discreet in appearance.
  • It is very quiet while operating.
  • It’s portable, so I am able to move it where ever I want it.


Key Features:

  • Fights allergens, dust, pet dander & odour.
  • The filter is permanent, and cleans easily and never needs replacing. I love this.  No extra spending required!
  • Pre-filter traps larger particles.
  • Oxygenator converts ozone into pure oxygen.  I actually think that the air in our living space smells cleaner and more fresh!
  • 3-speed controls: high, medium and low for quietest operation.  I usually run ours on low.
  • Dual orientation; lies flat or on its side to fit a variety of spaces
  • Purifies a 600 sq. ft. room; not only will your air quality improve, you’ll have less dust too!
  • The air purifier cleans and re-circulates a 8′ x 10′ room twice every hour and is even ideal for small spaces since it can lay flat, horizontally or on its side vertically.
  • It has an oxygenator that converts ozone into pure oxygen, so you can take a deep breath with confidence that you’re breathing the best air possible indoors.


  • Initially I found the ‘new plastic’ smell from the purifier to be a bit overpowering, so I ran our unit on high, outside on our step overnight, and the smell was gone the next day.  Just make sure not to run it if it’s raining or snowing outside!

Where to purchase:

  • This purifier retails for $479.95 CDN on OreckCanada.com.
  • You can also buy it from Costco.ca

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Have a great day!


Disclosure:  Thank you to Hoover Canada for providing me with the Oreck® ProShield® Air Purifier for review!  As always, all opinions and statements in this post are my own.

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