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Orange & Clove Pomanders

Orange and Clove Pomanders are so pretty and they smell great! See how to make this classic Christmas decoration.

What I love most about these Orange and Clove Pomanders is that they look nice when they’re freshly made, but they also look great after they’ve air dried. And they’re inexpensive to make, and SO easy to put together! Chances are you have all the materials in your home already.

Orange & Clove Pomanders {A Pretty Life}
Aren’t they so pretty?! And they smell amazing…citrus and cloves smells like nostalgia. You’ve got to love an easy, pretty and festive holiday decoration! Love it!
Orange & Clove Pomanders {A Pretty Life}

Mmmm, they smell so yummy!

What you need:

  • oranges: regular navel oranges are my favourite, but feel free to use what you like. And they don’t have to be perfect, if you have some oranges sitting around that no one is eating, use those…they’re going to dry up anyway.
  • dried cloves
  • pretty ribbon (if you like)
  • toothpick

How to Make Orange and Clove Pomanders:

  • I like the look of the pomanders wrapped in ribbon, but if you wish, you can leave it off. First I wrapped the oranges in the ribbon, then I tied them up with a bow.
  • Add the cloves at evenly spaced intervals around the orange. I started out by pushing the cloves right into the orange, but found it a little difficult.  So then I decided to use a toothpick to make a hole first, then I pushed in the cloves.
  • Done.  Yes that’s it.

So pretty! Simple.  Inexpensive.  Gorgeous.  And so festive!

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What are you making today?

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  1. I hadn’t thought of these in years! My mom made these for around the house every so often when I was growing up. (Yours look so much cuter though!) Have a fabulous afternoon!

  2. I used to make these as a child. I still remember the numb fingers from handling the cloves for long periods of time. They smell so wonderful! Thanks for sharing this little piece of nostalgia. Yours are very pretty 🙂