Netflix and Travel

Have Netflix and Travel!  Now you can watch Netflix anywhere you go, including places with no wifi, thanks to this great new Netflix feature!

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My Downloads on Netflix:

I think one of the greatest things to happen to Netflix recently, is the ability to download select TV shows and movies onto your tablet or phone.  This allows you to watch your shows offline without an internet connection…you just have to download them beforehand when you are connected to the internet.

Netflix and Travel

This feature has been especially amazing for traveling with our kids!  Having movies and TV shows available to watch on road trips and flights is so awesome…easy and accessible entertainment is a traveling parents best friend!

Your very own in-flight entertainment!

We’re visiting Arizona right now, and this feature has been really handy on the flights and while waiting at the airport…and I love it because I can continue to binge watch The Blacklist by the pool…which by the way IS SO GOOD (I actually cannot believe that I haven’t watched this show before now!).

Pool time + Netflix downloads = Vacation Bliss.

Tips for Netflix Downloading:

Downloading titles is SO easy.  Here’s how:

  • Be connected to the internet for the original downloads.
  • You can search downloadable titles from the dropdown menu on the top left hand side of your tablet.  You will see the option “Available for Download”.  Then find the title you would like to download and go into the episodes.  Next to each episode you will see a symbol with an arrow pointing down (see the first picture in this post), and you just click on that symbol to download.
  • Some titles have an expiry date, and will disappear from your tablet or phone after a certain time period (36 hours or so).
  • Other titles will stay on your device until you delete them yourself.  You can see how to do that here.
  • There is a maximum download for the account.  So don’t let you kids download 20 episodes because they’ll hog all the available download space!  #askmehowiknow
  • When you are visiting the US you will have access to US Netflix.  But if you download US exclusive shows, you will no longer have access to them once you re-enter Canada (and vice versa).

New and Notable on Netflix This April:

And to keep you up to date, here are some recent additions to Netflix!  It looks likes April is going to be a great streaming month. I’m especially excited about the last season of Downton Abbey, and Season 2 of The Last Kingdom.  To see the full list of New Arrivals, you can check them out here.

  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Blacklist, Seasons 1-3
  • The Big Short
  • Bill Nye Saves the World  (Coming April 21)
  • Downton Abbey, Season 6  (Coming April 1)
  • Entourage, Coming April 16
  • iZombie, Season 3 Coming April 5
  • The Last Kingdom, Season 2
  • Madam Secretary
  • Mad Max:  Fury Road, Coming April 9
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist
  • The Mindy Project, Season 5 Part B
  • The Princess Bride, Coming April 1
  • Quantico, Season 1
  • Riverdale
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Shameless, Seasons 1-5, Season 6 Coming April 17
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Vampire Diaries, Season 8

Happy Streaming!


Disclosure:  I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam, but as always all thoughts and opinions here are my own…I LOVE Netflix…it’s an addiction…but a good one!

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