My musical and beer filled weekend in photos…

Every year the hubby and I take 4 days off from our real life and 
volunteer with our local Folk Music Festival.
We serve up bevvies to our patrons and artists.
It’s the best time ever.  Ever.

We adore all the people we work with, 
the music and just everything about the festival!

Here’s a little recap of my weekend…
there is so much that I didn’t capture, but here’s what I’ve got…
The line up this year was fantastic!  
My faves were Chris Isaak, Lindi Ortega and Shooglenifty!

First off, you can’t beat the setting for this festival!
We take up Prince’s Island Park nestled along the Bow River.

Here’s the scene during the day, after everyone has run in to lay down their tarps!
While you wait for the mainstage shows in the evening, 
you can catch music workshops during the day.
Workshops are the best – you get to see some of your favourite artists 
on one stage jamming together!  So great!
This stage had my fave gal Lindi Ortega…you can’t see her, but she’s there.
Now I don’t know if I mentioned this a hundred times or not, 
but Chris Isaak was there this year!
Where I work, I get to have a little back stage peek at all the action!
Here are his cases…SO neat!
And his clothes…no I didn’t stalk him…much…kidding…
I was able to watch Chris Isaak from the side stage, but my iPhone didn’t take very good photos of him.  So I just snapped a couple from the screens!  He was so fun!  Very personable (he even went out into the crowd), and his music was incredible!
I felt like a groupie when their side stage managers came by and threw guitar picks to me!  Um.  Love. Maybe I’ll frame it…
This was the best I could do with my phone…I forgot my DSLR…arg.
Here’s me with a couple of my friends on the side stage for the big man. 
He’s right behind us, can’t you see him, lol!

Heres’ my hubby taking a little break…
we work hard and play hard at this festival.

This year we honoured one of our Beer Garden friends, Donald Power, who left us tragically last winter.  It was Beard Day as a tribute to him!

Beard Day shenanigans.  Working hard.  
It takes arm muscle strength to pour and drink beer don’t ya know?!
At the end of the festival, all the co-ordinators, and managers and such, get the opportunity to go up on stage with the artists.  The artists get up there together to perform a couple of songs to close off the festival.  This was my first time on stage and it was an amazing experience!
Here’s what the grounds look like from the stage!
Here are the artists performing the final songs together.
Gives me chills every time I see this picture!
Well, that’s all I’ve got!
It was such a fun time, and I miss it immensely already!
Every year after the festival I have a little crisis, because it’s so hard to go back to reality…it’s fun acting 21 again even if just for a few days…sigh.

Have a fantastic and inspired day!
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  1. Looks like you guys had such a great time. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of you guys wearing a beard. Thats pretty hilarious! We love going to these types of festivals too, so much fun and great music 🙂