Lemon Scented Sugar

Lemon Scented Sugar….  Doesn’t that just sound so yummy!  Recently I discovered that you can save lemon zest for up to 6 months if you keep it in sugar!
So by zesting your lemons into sugar, 2 great things happen:

one, you have a way to save your lemon zest for recipes, like blueberry muffins or lemon loaves

two, you have lemon-scented sugar that you can use to top fruit salad, and for topping blueberry muffins and lemon loaves as well.  Or you can use it in tea!  (Thanks Becky for the tip!)
Just use plain ol’ granulated sugar.
Using a lemon zester, grate your lemon peel, and put into a Jazzy Jar!

Store for up to 6 months – apparently.  I haven’t actually done this before, but I am doing it now.
I’ll let you know if it works.  Don’t see why it shouldn’t…


I warned you I am inspired to lemon-ate everything!  Stay tuned, more recipes to come….


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  1. What a great tip! I never knew such a thing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking out my S’mores Dessert. I’m anxious to check out more of your posts 🙂