In My Backyard

We are lucky enough live about an hour from the Rocky Mountains in Canada.
And embarrassingly, we don’t get out there enough.
But a couple of weekends ago the hubs and I were able to get out and meet up with some friends from the Folk Fest.
I really wanted to take some pictures with my Nikon, but wouldn’t you know it, my battery died.
So I pulled out my iPhone and shot these with the Hipstamatic App 
(and in all honesty, I adore taking photos with my iPhone in case you haven’t noticed!)
I entered this shot in Project Alicia’s Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge for Brown…
An uprooted tree branch.  I love this shot I have to say!

How beautiful are these mountains!  Snow-capped and magical!

And it was COLD.  Cold cold cold.  This is a frozen lakeshore.
A very big reminder that winter is coming…soon.

Our majestic Rockies!

Frozen Sand.  So cool.
Thank you so much for stopping in!  I’m really happy to have you here.

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  1. You are not helping. I am right in the middle of upgrading my phone and I can’t decide between the Iphone or the Android. Your pictures are incredible.