More great shows to add to your Netflix list

Feeding our friendly Netflix addiction one show at a time!  Here are more great shows to add to your Netflix list!

I’m continually amazed at the shows and movies Netflix has available to watch…so many to see, so little time!  I swear I have about 5 different shows going all at the same time!  Right now I’m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, and my husband and I are still watching Wentworth…all this in between binge watching Stranger Things!  But there is just so much good stuff on Netflix, and it just keeps on coming.  So I wanted to share a few newly released titles that I thought you might also enjoy!

Netflix Stranger Things

Have you watched Stranger Things yet?  My social media news feed filled with status updates about this new show on Netflix, so my husband and I jumped in and watched it.  It’s a very very strange show, and honestly I’m not sure I loved it.  Liked it yes, but loved it…not so much (I really liked the characters and all of the 80s movie references, I just found the overall story a little lacking?).  Maybe there’s something strange with me, because I definitely seem to be in the minority here?

Synopsis:  A 12 year old boy goes missing in a small town under very strange circumstances.  His mom and friends go on a mission to find him, and are led into extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, scary supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

Netflix Fundamentals of Caring

I have added  the movie, The Fundamentals of Caring, to my watch list.  This looks like a tear jerker.  Plus I have a thing for Paul Rudd.  Sigh.

Synopsis:  After a personal tragedy, a man enrolls in a class about care-giving and becomes a disabled teen’s caregiver, which changes his perspective on life.

Netflix Tallulah

I love Ellen Page, so this is the main reason I added this movie to my list, but after reading into a bit more, Tallulah looks like a must watch.

Synopsis:  A dissatisfied Beverly Hills housewife (Allison Janney) becomes tired of caring for her toddler, and hires a stranger (Ellen Page) to babysit.

Netflix Marvel's Daredevil

The Netflix Original Series, Marvel’s Daredevil, is one that really appeals to my husband and teens.  I have started to enjoy shows like this too, so I’ll sit down and make this one a family event.

Synopsis:  This show follows Matt Murdock, who is an attorney by day and a vigilante by night.  Murdock was blinded as a child, and as an adult he now uses his heightened senses as Daredevil to fight crime on the streets of New York.

Netflix Chef Movie

I started Chef on a plane trip, but didn’t get to see the ending because we had to land!  Ha!  Anyway, I really liked this movie and wanted to finish it, and now I can because it’s now on Netflix!

Synopsis:  Chef Carl Casper loses his high end restaurant job, then starts up a food truck in an effort reignite his passion for cooking, while at the same time piecing back together his estranged family.

Netflix The Get Down

Synopsis:  The Get Down is a musical drama television series set in the South Bronx in the late 1970s, documenting the rise of a new art form, hip hop.  This show stars Jaden Smith, and by the sounds of it, this show is really popular right now!

Netflix This is where I leave you

I actually went to see the movie, This Is Where I Leave You, in the theatre by myself…I do that sometimes and it’s glorious!  This is a laugh at loud movie and I can’t wait to watch it again!

Synopsis:  After their father passes away, four adult children are forced home for a week by their mother, and during that time they re-examine their history and relationships with each other.

Netflix Bob Ross

And have you seen this?  Bob Ross is on Netflix!  I remember occasionally watching him paint when I was a kid.  Too funny!

– – – – – – –

So that’s what I’ve got on my must-see list this month!  How about you?  What are you watching?


Disclosure:  I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam, but as always all thoughts and opinions here are my own…I LOVE Netflix…it’s an addiction…but a good one!

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  1. I love Netflix, and I really loved Stranger Things! I’m very much into Sci-Fi and Horror, so this was right up my alley. I can see how some people may not like it, though. It was definitely “strange” as its name suggests!

    I watched Tallulah a few weeks ago. I love Ellen Page as well, but I found it really hard to like her character, Tallulah, in this movie. Her actions un the film made it difficult to feel sorry for her or even like her. And the ending was so… abrupt. It left me with questions, like what happens next? The character I liked most in this movie was her boyfriend’s mom, who she totally took advantage of, hence another reason I couldn’t stand Tallulah. Really, the mom was the only character I was truly rooting for.

    I will definitely have to check out This is Where I Leave You. I’m a Jason Bateman fan, and if this is a comedy, I’m bound to like it if he’s in it. 🙂