Gratitude Sunday

Caution!  Warning!  Picture-laden post!
A lot to be grateful for this week!

If you follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram
you probably have seen some of these already!
Yes, I’ve joined another social media forum:  instagram
I thought why not, I love taking photos with my iPhone, why not share them with others who love phone photos too!
Sorry for the shameless plug for my social media! 😉
Speaking of my blog, it got a little colour make-ovah!
I was inspired by some great and free! social media icons from c.w. frosting!
Have I mentioned how grateful I am for you!
I love my readers.  You lift me up!  You inspire me!
I am grateful for sunny, soft, warm blue-sky days.
We haven’t had many this winter…just a lot of grey!
And I’m grateful for rare hot days in the early spring!
A beautiful reminder that summer is indeed on its way!
(and isn’t this the classiest set-up you’ve ever seen, hahaha!)
I am grateful for coffee.
Yes, yes I am.  I have no shame.
Sunday dinners with the family.  So grateful for these memories!

Bike rides with the family.
We get to experience frogs croaking, deer munching, bunnies hopping, birds singing…
I love these rides so much!

I’m grateful for pansies, and the bumblebees who stop in.
By the way, I think pansies are so wrongly named…
…there’s nothing pansy about a pansy!
They are the only flower I would dare plant this time of year.  
They survive it all…snow, frost…
Gotta love em’!

I’m so happy camping season is just around the corner!
We are tenting it this year.
Just for the record, I think we are crazy.

And I’ll leave you with a shot of my feet.
If you are on fb, you probably already know how much I hate feet.
And balled up white man-socks that I find in the laundry.
Oh well, I’m grateful for sparkly, girly nailpolish. 
Why not?
Have a great day!

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  1. Hi! I am loving IG lately too and find myself a bit addicted these days. It’s so much fun! Thanks for the social media button recommendations, so cute. I have been looking for new ones to match my blog theme.

    New to your blog and now following you on IG too!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today. 🙂 I love this grateful post. Such a great idea! I have to admit….I’ve been a little afraid of instagram. I guess I should just dive in and give it a try.