Some of my favourite kitchen items!

 Happy Monday?  Monday can be happy right?  😉  I hope you all had a great weekend…I spent a busy weekend in the kitchen cooking up new posts and couldn’t be happier!

I’ve got a serious case of spring fever so I’ve busted out some great spring recipes and even one for Easter.  I actually can’t wait to share my recipe for Easter…it’s one of the best side dishes in the whole wide world.  It really is. So stay tuned.

But for today, I thought it would be fun to do a post that isn’t a recipe.  Sometimes it’s nice to step away from the usual – I find it refreshing.  So today, I’m sharing some of my favourite kitchen items!  I originally shared these with Shauna over at Satori Design for Living.


Favourite Kitchen Items {A Pretty Life}

It couldn’t be my favourite kitchen items list without naming a few of my favourite cookbooks!  These four books are my most loved cookbooks of all time:  The Joy of Cooking, Any Best of Bridge book, Looneyspoons and Chef at Home.  I refer to them all the time and love them all!  For me, these books are must haves!

Favourite Kitchen Items {A Pretty Life}

Now there are all sorts of kitchen gadgets out there, but these are the ones that get used the most in my kitchen.  I seriously would be lost without them.  I use my Pampered Chef knife every day, it’s really the best!  And the bag clips, these are the greatest invention ever (these are from Ikea).  I also can’t live without my pan scraper, silicone spatula and my pretty measuring cups!

Favourite Kitchen Items {A Pretty Life}

You may recognize some of these dishes from my blog posts.  They are a recent addition to my kitchen (I bought the entire set of this ceramic bake ware from Superstore).  I love them SO much. They bake everything beautifully, and they look fabulous in my blog food photos!  I use these dishes everyday…they make an everyday meal look gorgeous!  My favourite way to use these dishes is to roast vegetables, like this butternut squash.

Favourite Kitchen Items {A Pretty Life}

I only just discovered how amazing heavy skillets are.  They’re so versatile!  I grill, saute, broil and bake with them…but what I love the most about them is that I can start a dish off on the stove and transfer it directly to the oven…it saves time and dirty dishes!  Can’t beat that!  I used these dishes recently for my Apple Baked Dutch Baby.

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 I love being in my kitchen, and have so many tools that I can’t live without!  You can see more of my favourite things as well as some of my kitchen tips in these posts!


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What are your kitchen must haves?  Do you have a favourite?

Have an inspired day my friends!

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  1. I really like this kind of post. It’s different from what we do all the time. I am a cookbook and kitchen gadgets addict. I have 3 of these cookbooks and will never get rid of them 🙂

  2. I love those pretty measuring cups! I have always liked the Pampered Chef citrus squeezer and their can opener. I inherited some beautiful copper cookware but I’m still working up the courage to actually use it!

  3. This is such an interesting behind the scenes look. I can honestly say I’ve never used a bag clip (I’m the twist tie or an elastic kinda gal.) Do they really work that well? I’ve always just passed over them at the store.

  4. Hi Jo-Anna! So love your blog and look forward to what you share with each post. I really like your casserole dishes from the Superstore. Who knew? Goes to show you don’t have to go to an expensive kitchen store and they do photograph really well. I need to stop by and see what catches my eye. Take Care, Thea

  5. Can I confess I have never ever used ceramic bakeware in my life? I’ve always used the clear ones and to this day I have no idea what the difference is. I’ll give them a try the next time I make lasagna. Oh damn there I go again admitting I know another recipe.