A Christmas Tree Crime Scene

Can you see it’s crime scene outline?!
Good Golly Miss Molly. Today I decided to take down our tree.  This tree stopped taking up water about a week after we put it up, and we put it up November 28. Needless to say, it was brown, and we didn’t dare sneeze anywhere near it.  Or light a match.  I couldn’t stand to look at it another minute, so I threw it out.  All by myself.  My main floor looked like a Christmas Tree Crime Scene.
Not to mention my hair, my unmentionables, and almost every surface on the path to the door.  But I’m a woman on a mission, and I don’t stop until a job is done!
Feels good to have a Christmas-decoration-free home!  (Pine-needle-free though I don’t know.  I’m sure I will be finding them until next Christmas!) 
Onwards to the New Year!

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