17 Easy Furniture Fixes

Hi friends!  I’m so happy you are here today (well every day really)! So, today I’m taking a turn in different direction!  I’ve put together a round-up of 17 Easy Furniture Fixes on my profile on Hometalk.  Have you heard of Hometalk?  Are you on it?

If you haven’t heard of Hometalk, it’s basically a site where people just like us, share home or garden projects/questions.  Anything from mantel ideas, to how to make a wreath, to how to plant a garden, or even how to fix furniture…that kind of thing.  So you can go there and use it like a resource for many things!  And so many of your favourite bloggers are there too!


Just to give you a small glimpse into what you can find on Hometalk, I put together a round up of easy furniture fixes for you!  These are all simple and practical things you can do at home, likely with supplies you have already!  Love that!

17 Easy Furniture Fixes:

  • Fixing outdoor rattan furniture
  • Fixing damaged furniture with cork board
  • Refurnishing old wood with coconut oil
  • Fixing holes in reclaimed wood
  • Rescuing an armless chair
  • Using vinegar and canola oil to naturally repair wood
  • Fixing damaged wood with petroleum jelly
  • Using Bondi to repair wood
  • Turn broken dresser drawers into hinged compartments
  • Getting rid of terrible smells in old furniture
  • Replacing bad drawer runners
  • Restoring old furniture with spray paint
  • Fixing a broken seat with wood planks
  • Quick fix for torn upholstery
  • Using wine corks to fix wobbly chairs

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Pop over to see more info on each of these fixes!

Have an inspired day!


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  1. I had not heard about Hometalk before you mentioned it, but I just joined. I have quite a few projects at home and some of them might require some expertise from people that are more skilled than myself.

  2. The information above is good to fix the problems of furniture . I have teak wooden furniture but it got ruff look after two year and it’s shine also almost gone . Now i am using polish with coconut oil and results good .