What I Love Today…

owls…a whoot a wooo…

Such a beautiful picture.  Love love it!  By Redwhisper Studio
Clipart by Erin Bradley
Owl from the Owl & the PussyCat by Anne Benjamin
Kerry Beary
Snowy Owl by Diana Sudyka
Love these owls!  Remind me of Canadian winters on the prairies…
You can make these rice filled heating pads from Just Another Hang Up!

Wall decal by Holly on Etsy

Seriously, are these not the cutest sugar cookies ever!  On Etsy
What a hoot!  Love…

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  1. I saw your cute yarn mantle garland (decoration) and came over to your blog. Of course I love the owl pics. Hence the name of my blog…Hoot-N-Nanny. I’m your newest follower.