Summer Storms

I love summer storms.
I love watching the clouds change.
I love the thunder and lightning.
I love it all.

And I love to capture pictures of the amazing clouds!
So fascinating and pretty!

I took these with my iPhone…I’m just not sure I could capture them better any other way.  I love the effects on all of these!
I love the colours of this one!  It’s probably one of my favourites!
You might have seen this one already if you follow me on Instagram.

I got this picture right after we got dumped on.
Soaking wet.  I looked like a drowned rat.  Good times.

Swirling gorgeousness!
And I say that because there was no danger of any tornadoes.
Just beautiful moving storm clouds.
I love the strangeness of clouds, but this picture doesn’t do the sky justice.  
These clouds were amazing!
Do you love summer storms?
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you have a beautiful day!

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  1. I love the second image it looks like a finger painting by a child. Great series of images the sky is such a wonderful visual treat.