Royal Wedding Fever!

It’s almost here!  The Royal Wedding!  
Eeeek!  I really am so excited!  
I did not get my invitation as I had hoped, must have got lost!  ;(
But, I can’t not have a post on the upcoming nuptials, now can I?
It’s the wedding of the century after all!
The PVR is set.
Fish & Chips for dinner.
Good times, good times!
My husband will watch it with me, and he will like it!  
Here’s a little gathering of all things Royal!
The route of the processions, found here.

Fabulous FREE printables for your Royal Partaaaay from Design Editor
Fun wedding poster.  Found here.
What a great dessert idea from Betty Crocker!
I might attempt this…
Cute craft idea!  Found here.

I had to include these!  Made me laugh as I have a Lego addict in my home!
Just because it’s funny!  A girls gotta dream right?  Found here.
Will you be watching?

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