A peek into our summer weekend

This past weekend we hit the road and headed home to visit family 
and attend my hubby’s 20th (GASP!) high school reunion!
We dodged a bullet with the weather, and somehow managed to 
enjoy a fabulous weekend in 25 degree heat!  
The sun and the heat felt soooooo good!

As usual, I had my phone out and was snapping photos of everything, 
so here’s a glimpse into our weekend!  
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you have probably seen some of these already!
Nothing says summer like flip flops on the dock!
This is the view from the dock and it’s nothing short of spectacular!
If I recall this was at about 6:15am and I was up with our 
2 year old who hit the ground running that day!

 The dock!  I love it here…
My mom’s fabulous and lush garden…sigh.
Gorgeous flowers!
Wild Alberta Roses everywhere!  
They are so pretty and smell so amazing!

 Time for boat rides! 
The water is still soooo cold, but the kids were right in there…me…not so much.

I love this photo!
It’s a shot underneath the boat!
I only checked my blog once the whole weekend, 
and that actually felt really good!
This is where I sat to do this…um, life is good here.
There were bees everywhere!  It’s nice to see them back! 

And all great weekends have to come to an end 
and it was time to hit the road!
Just in time to enter our triangle of crazy weather!
It wouldn’t be a drive home if we didn’t encounter crazy storm clouds and weather warnings!
I just had to stop and take pictures!
And you may remember this photo from my post yesterday!
We found the most fabulous little bridge and stream that were just screaming for us to stop and take pictures!  So pretty!
Thank you again so much for stopping in!  
I appreciate you reading along more than you can possibly know!  

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. WOW! Gorgeous. Looks so relaxing – and beautiful garden! We are heading up to my parents cabin soon too – can’t wait. Seeing your pics has me really itching to go 🙂

  2. Stunning… I made hubby look at the pictures so he has an idea of what my expectations are for our next house. Since we live in south Texas… a lush yard/garden next to a pristine lake in the woods is not likely. But a girl can dream…

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Your photos look so much fun! I’d love to have my own cottage one day….any decorating plans for canada day? Will you be hosting a canada day theme party/bbq/outing?

  4. We have some great ideas to decorate for canada day (www.eieihome.com/blog/easy-canada-day-decor.html) hope you’ll find it inspirational! Happy Canada Day! Woot woot to being a Canadian!

  5. Are those columbines infront of the spruce in your Mom’s garden? If so, they’re HUGE – they’re huge whatever they are. I think I may have to go and see what Canadian Tire has in the columbine department and see if I can find a spot to squeeze them in to my already over-packed garden.
    Yay for more than one day in a row of warm weather – finally!!
    Caroline, Calgary