Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: Design Ideas

I’m so excited to share our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover with you!  Stay tuned as we give our little trailer a bright and airy new look!

We’ve been avid family campers for years and have just recently outgrown our current travel trailer.  With 5 of us, including a teenager that is almost 6 feet tall, plus a dog, our camper was just too small to house us any longer.  We’ve been talking for a couple of years about what we wanted to do once we outgrew our trailer, and finally decided to buy a pop up camper.  I grew up camping in pop up trailers and have always loved them.  They surprisingly have a lot of space.  And if you buy them used they’re relatively inexpensive, and often don’t really need a lot of work done to them.  So this summer we finally decided to make the leap and buy a new-to-us pop up camper.

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover

I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of trying to find a trailer…we’ve had a lot going on here this spring…so my Dad, being the great sport that he is, helped to find the perfect camper for us! A couple of weeks ago this 2004 camper became available and we snapped it up the first day up on Kijiji!  It has the perfect layout with enough beds for all 5 of us.

Our Pop Up Camper Before the Makeover

Meet Wilma!  Our 2004 Forest River Rockwood Pop Up Camper. She is in excellent condition and really doesn’t need anything done.  But…I just can’t help myself…I’ve always wanted to make over a trailer and now is the perfect time.  Wilma is getting a makeover!


Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

As you can see the trailer is fine, but the colours just aren’t what we want for our camper.  The cupboards are a little dark and the cushion pattern is outdated. But the bones, the structure and the layout are perfect for us.

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

This camper has 4 beds, including a kingsized bed, a queen and 2 twin beds, so everyone will have a bed…no one will have to have a makeshift bed on the floor anymore!  This is very exciting for our youngest 😉

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

There are 2 sitting areas with tables.  One is set up like a sectional couch, and one table is a small dinette, so there’s lots of room for hanging out, eating dinner and playing games.

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

It’s a fantastic layout.  All it needs is a freshening up with some new paint, new cushions and some fun decorations.  I can hardly wait to get it finished!  Our goal is to makeover Wilma in less than 2 weeks.  I think we can do it because really, all we’re changing are aesthetics, nothing structural.  I think the hardest part is going to be changing the cushion covers and painting.  I hate painting, but it’s worth it in the end.

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover: BEFORE

Our Pop Up Camper Makeover Plans

I thought it would be fun to share our camper makeover with all of you, so I’m going to show you what our plans are for Wilma.  You can also follow along on Instagram as we share what we’re up to in real time.

What We’re Not Changing in Our Pop Up Camper

Our camper is in great condition, so there are quite a few things we’re not going to be changing:

  • We are not changing any structure at all, the camper is in great condition.
  • We’re keeping the beds, they’re in great shape.
  • We’ll also be keeping the curtains, they’re also in great shape and I like the colour enough not to go to the trouble of replacing them, I’m just going to wash them.  But I will remove all the frilly valences.
  • I like the drawer and cupboard pulls so we’ll keep them for now.  They’re currently gold and the shape is great.

The Makeover Plans for Our Pop Up Camper

Most of our makeover plans are aesthetic changes that shouldn’t be too hard to complete.

  • Prime and paint the cabinets. We’re thinking either white or really light grey
  • Add new flooring. We’re thinking vinyl grey peel and stick hardwood.
  • Do something with the counter and table tops. We’ll either cover them with contact paper or replace them altogether.
  • Recover the cushions. This is going to be the biggest challenge for me because I can’t sew and we don’t want to pay to have someone recover them.  So I’m going to DIY reupholster them with a light upholstery fabric of some kind.
  • Repaint the outside of the camper.  We’re not going to do that this summer though, we’ll tackle it either in the fall or next spring.
  • Decorating:  Purchase new bed linens, rugs, dishes, string lights and decorations.

Our DIY Pop Up Camper Makeover Budget:  $1000

  • Our budget is $1000, but we’re hoping to keep it closer to $500.  Our goal is to keep this as inexpensive as possible without being too cheap.  We’ll see how it goes.
  • The budget will only include paint, flooring, cushion covers and that sort of thing.  Not the decorations or new bedding.

As we refurbish and work on our camper I’m going to share our progress and DIY projects over here on my blog, so make sure to stay tuned!  I think the final reveal is going to be amazing!

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