Musings of a Summer with Kids at home…

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Does your house sound like mine some days?!
Mom, I’m hungry.
Mom, can we have a popsicle?
I need a band-aid.
When is it lunch time?
Eww there’s a spider on me!
Mom, why is my hair staticky?  Make it stop!
Can I have a playdate?
Can I have a snack?
How many days until we have to go back to school?
Mom, T hit me!

I didn’t do it.

Mom, Q pinched me!
Baby screaming.
It’s too hot.
Why is it raining?
When is it lunchtime?
Mom, mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy…..
Acckkk.  I need a vacay.  😉

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  1. Jo-Anna this post was great! I am not a mommy but close to it–a nanny and this sounds like my summer days! Glad to know I’m not the only one who needs a vacation 😉 I do however get to say “goodbye” at the end of a very long day so my sweet friend, I can only imagine how you must feel! I hope you have time for yourself and relaxation soon..very very soon! Good news: it’s the weekend!!!!

    Take care!

  2. Most of those sound familiar. I only have one and he’s not school age yet so I have him 24/7… some days I wonder why I’m so dead set on home schooling (and why I’d happily have three or four more children.) The “Mommy, I want a snack.” as I’m washing off the dish from his lunch after putting the leftovers away has to be the one I’m most tired of hearing lately.

  3. too true! glad i’m not the only one who feels like they could use a vacation! love the summer…but also love that school starts up again in september!!

  4. Hahaha! Yep. But don’t forget the classic: “Mom, she’s looking at me!” I’m the one asking, “How many days until school?”