Hipstamatic Fun!

We have the most amazing zoo in our city…and it’s especially great in the dead of winter!
So this past weekend we ventured out for some fun and a change in scenery!
Some of my most favourite exhibits are the greenhouses…
there’s just nothing like seeing flowers this time of year.  
They are wonderful reminders that we will actually have flowers in the garden before we know it!
So we soaked up the humidity and warm air, and I put my camera to good use!

Orchids are truly fascinating flowers.
Just look at how perfect and beautiful they are!

There’s something about gardens that soothe my soul.

And make me feel so hopeful and happy!

After our visit, I couldn’t wait to start planning my garden!
We also had to visit the fish tanks.
So pretty and cheerful!

And we couldn’t leave without visiting the penguins.
We have the most amazing penguin exhibit…so awe inspiring…
We always leave our zoo wanting to see the world!
There’s so much out there to see and do! 
Have a great day!

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  1. We took advantage of the hot weather and went to the Metro Toronto Zoo. We were amazed by the penguins too and they had a baby polar bear. I love your photos! Happy Spring 🙂