Happy Father’s Day

Sick hubby on Father’s Day.  Boo.
Happy Father’s Day to my man.

You are the greatest Dad and Husband, and I’m so so thankful for you!  
I couldn’t do this crazy little thing called raising a family without you!
Even on Father’s Day, my man takes us out to the greenhouse for fun.  
Even though I know he would love to be golfing.

And pushes the stroller with our screaming baby, so I can look at the baskets.

And buys us lunch in the cutie-pie cafe, even though our dinner out last night was spent with me in the van with our unruly toddler.  😉

Then tells me to buy some flowers, on his day.
Then surprises me with a gardening book I adore.

I love you.  

I love you so much I even (finally) washed all your stinky, rolled up white socks.

And let you sleep in past 9 two days in a row.

I’m gonna make you a lemon meringue tart. 
That’s how much we love you!

Happy Father’s Day
Love your tart, Jo

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